How To Download YouTube Videos For Free On PC, Android, iPhone

how to download youtube videos


How To Download YouTube Videos For Free On PC, Android, iPhone

This tutorial will show you how to download youtube videos for free. YouTube is the most visited video streaming platform in the world, with this comes lots of videos that need to be downloaded. We all have one or two videos on YouTube that keep us going back to the site to watch all over again. Those kind of videos are the ones we would love to download.

However, using third-party apps to download YouTube videos is against YouTube’s terms of service. Downloading videos on YouTube is also a potential copyright infringement and you’re meant to only watch it on the site. Nonetheless, YouTube offers users some ways to download videos using its web service and app. Stay with me, I’ll show you how to download YouTube videos for free on iPhone, Android, Mac and PC.

How To Download YouTube Videos On PC

Downloading YouTube videos on PC is very easy and hassle-free. 4K Video Downloader is a free YouTube video downloader that’s very simple to use. You need to download and install it. After downloading it, you need to check the box marked ‘Launch’ and click ‘Finish’.

how to download youtube videos

Go to YouTube and copy the URL of the video you want to download, click the green ‘Paste’ button in 4K Video Downloader. It will show the details in which the video can be downloaded, including 4K, that’s if the video is of high quality. The higher the resolution, the bigger the file size. You can also select if you want only the audio on the video as well.

Before downloading, you’ll see the estimated file size, if it’s good for you then click download. 4K Video Downloader can download up to 24 videos at once, and also show more videos from the channel you’re downloading the video from. There’s also Smart Mode, which downloads a video for you once you paste the URL, using the same format settings previously used.

How To Download YouTube Videos On Android

There are lots of apps that let you download YouTube videos on Android. Funny enough, most of them end with “Mate”. TubeMate is by far the most popular tool and easy to use as well. It’s not available on the Google Play Store for obvious reasons. But no worries, you need to make sure your device can install apps from unknown sources.

Download TubeMate here and install the apk. After installing it, you’ll find out it looks much like the official YouTube app. You can search for the video you want to download on YouTube inside the app, play the video, watch it then download it. There are lots of video and audio formats to choose from and different quality and resolution options as well. Within the app, you can also add YouTube videos to a queue to download later.

How To Download YouTube Videos On iPhone

It isn’t as easy as downloading on Android, but it’s possible. All you need to do is install this app on the App Store called Documents . Even though it’s a file manager, I’ll show you how to use it to download YouTube videos. Once you’ve got the link to the video you want to download, open Documents and look for its browser icon, which is the little compass at the bottom right corner.

Click on it and go to, paste the video URL at the input box and select the quality options and format. After downloading it, you can find it in the Documents’ downloads section. You now have to drag it to Camera Roll in Photos.

How to download YouTube videos to a Mac

This is very easy unlike on iPhone, you just need to go to MacX YouTube Downloader . Insert the video’s URL and choose quality options and formats, you can download multiple clips at once as well. If you are using Windows, simply go here and follow same steps.


These are the safest and best way to download YouTube videos. However, they are all illegal, you can always download videos on YouTube’s app and get to watch it for 30 days without using the internet. After which you would have to redownload the video again inside the app, for the next 30 days as well.


How To Download YouTube Videos For Free On PC, Android, iPhone
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