How to download YouTube videos to your phone

How to download YouTube videos to your phone.   YouTube is one of the best Channel which let’s people to upload their video of what they love
How to download YouTube videos to your phone.

YouTube is one of the best Channel which let’s people to upload their video of what they love doing without limit.

Have you been looking for a way to download your favorite YouTube videos but didn’t know how to do that?

Worry no more, In this article we’ll be looking on how to download any kind of YouTube videos for free without much stress.

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From there, you too will be able to learn different things for free which I charged people for, alright let’s begin with today tutorial.

You may be watching some funny videos on YouTube but at the end, you’ll get fraustrated because it’s your pleasure to save it but which YouTube didn’t give the option.

And do you know why? This is my own reasons…

First, as we normally know that YouTube is for video creator as blog too is for blogger that love article writing (like me…).

But this YouTube we are talking about is in two mode for people that know it very well (Free and Premium).

If you want to be Vlogger, you’ll have to sign up on YouTube so as for you to be able to upload any kind of videos you want to be making.

As we all know that YouTube is the first video uploader. Though there are others too but YouTube is in number one position.

So through this opportunity, they make the account into two which are free and premium account.

When you hear premium, you supposed to know that you will have access to all things while free users will have limited to all things.

For better understanding, let’s assume you visit my YouTube channel… from there you may see ads displaying on it because I’m in free mode.

And you won’t have access to download my favorite videos to your device storage because I’m still in free mode.


But once I upgrade to premium, you will have access to all things on my channel (including download button and Ads free).

I think you get my point now?

Most of all Vlogger today are using free account because they’re contented with it.

That’s the reason why is hard to see premium YouTube account nowadays except international channel because this people takes something serious more than others.

In order to solve this solution of having limited things to channel you visited, that’s why I have to make research and see how to download YouTube videos without stress.

And the advantage of saving the video to your device is that, you won’t be able to be using your data all the time to re-watch it and which you can even share to others too.

This method is good for people that love watching long video on YouTube, this is time to get them save in order to watch them later.

This method I’ll be sharing, I’ve used it to download lot’s of my favorite videos and that’s what I’m still using because it’s still working till now.

Now let’s get the party begin…

How to download YouTube videos on Android device
a. First download this app called GetTube

Note: there are tons of app that is out there which they’re better than this but last last, what we want is to download YouTube videos and which this one is perfectly working fine too.

b. After download, install and launch (make sure your data is ON if you want to launch)

c. From there, you can search the name of your favorite videos or channel


d. Once seen, you’ll see a (+) sign


e. Click on it, then 3 options will pop immediately (play as Audio, Play Videos and Download button sign)


f. Since we are downloading it, kindly click the last button which is an Arrow facing down (↧)


g. Then the video options will pop up immediately again (From there you’ll see audio and video options)


h. Since it’s video we want to download not audio then follow the video options which have different video options format too (choose your video quality: MP4 and others). For me, I normally use option 2 and option 3 if the first one didn’t work.


I. Always use MP4 for clean video so that you won’t end up being fraustrated because 3gp format is not clear enough (I think you know that too?).

j. Then the video details will pop which contains:

a. Whether you want to change the video name for easy locating after download

b. where you will save the video so that you can locate it at once, and last one is audio device.

k. if you are contented or you’ve set that up, then click on START button


l. immediately, the video will start downloading along with the audio which will merge the two automatically after successful.


m. Boom… you can now open the video once it has been done.


This is how I save all my favorite YouTube videos to my Android device without stress.

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