How To Earn Free TNC Coin On Real Research Survey & How To Withdraw


Few days ago alitech blog members was introduced to real research survey which makes them to earn free TNC coin up to 30TNC daily without much stress by partaking on the survey available on the real real research survey app, but most people don’t know how to withdraw the TNC that they earn and they don’t know how to convert tnc earn on real research survey to other cryptocurrency like bitcoin, eth, tron and others. That’s why we came about this article that will let you know anything you need to know about the survey.


The real research survey app is one of the survey platform that we have not see the kind before which pays is member TNC coin upto 30TNC DAILY by just answering at least 10 min questions that does not take any stress so if you have not Join the platform is better to join now click here to join and earn your free TNC crypto now. Let’s talk more about the real research. 


What Is a Real Research Survey? 


Real research survey is a platform that offers its users a survey which is known as some specific questions pertaining to what people like to know about, people like private companies, big organizations and more. After you answer every question or take ang survey completely then you will be paid in cryptocurrency which is called TNC, the amount of tnc you will earn per survey depends on the amount of tnc attached to it which ranges from 5tnc upwards. 

Real research survey

The platform Real research on the app offers its users a wallet called tnc wallet which the tnc you earn from the survey or referring someone to the survey app will be paid to which they pay 10 TNC per person you brought to the platform through your referral link we discuss about that soon. 


How To Earn On Real Research Survey 

You can earn on real research by doing two things which both will earn you free TNC cryptocurrency once you perform the task well you the two different ways used to earn on the survey app entails :


Earn on a real research survey app by taking a daily survey which will earn you upto 30TNC daily and more. 

Real research survey referral program

And you also earn from the platform by partaking on the referral program attached to the app that once you bring some or tell someone about the survey app using your referral link or code you will earn 10TNC by people you brought to know about the platform and they register successfully. 

Real research survey earnings

Now you know how to earn from real research. Let’s know how you can join, register to the platform. 


How To Join Real Research Survey 

To join real research platform and earn free tnc from it’s you will need to download the app which you can get by clicking here and also, 


You will need to register using your email and phone that is needed to be present on the phone you want to use to register before you can be able to join the platform. 


The survey seems to be new because the app I mean the real research survey app was released on play as of recent day 19 January 2021 which was said to be released day some is better you join the platform now and earn your own free TNC. 


How To Register On Real Research Survey 

  • Click here to download the page on the app. 
  • Make sure you download the real research survey app from the platform. 
  • Once you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the app open it to register. 
  • Verify your email and phone number that the phone you want to use must be on the phone you are using to register on the app. 
  • Once you’ve finished the registration and verification you will be provided with some KYC which entails to answer some questions. Real research survey kyc level
  • The kyc is level by level you will need to answer the kyc question upto level 5 or more before you can start taking surveys on the app. 
  • The kyc must be answered to reach at least level 3 kyc before you can start referring people to the app or platform too. 


Once you’ve finished answering the kyc question then you are good to go,  you have now joined the real research survey and now you will start earning free TNC when you take any survey or referral someone to the platform. 


How To Get Your Referral Link On Real Research 

  • Once you’ve logged in and opened the real research survey app likewise you have answered the kyc up to level 3.
  • Now click the menu button that can be found on the top left Corner of the app. 
  • Find the referral button there and tap on it then you will be provided with the referral page. Real research survey referral link
  • Read through the referral terms and click on copy to copy your referral link or you use the share button to share the link with your friends on any social media. 
  • That’s just how you can get your referral link on the real research survey app.


You have know how you can earn from this platform now it’s time to know how you can withdraw and convert your tnc coin to any cryptocurrency of your choice. 


How To Withdraw TNC On Real Research Survey

  • To withdraw your tnc on a real research survey app you will  need to download hotbit crypto trending app. 
  • Click here to download the app, the app is just like a binance app that accepts TNC as part of their cryptocurrency accepted currency. Hotbit wallet used to withdraw tnc from real research survey
  • Once you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the app. 
  • Tap on the account button that can be located on the top right Corner of the app once you open it. 
  • Then click on the login / register button on the menu page. 
  • Use the below register button on the page you are provided with to register and it’s app. 
  • And you can register using your email, provide your password, referral code 1073495 which is  and verify your email or phone, it’s recommended to verify your email.
  • Once you are done with the registration you will be provided with a page to login, log-in with your email and password then you are good to go. How to withdraw on real research survey

Now to withdraw your TNC from a real research app you will need to get your TNC wallet from the hotbit trending app and send the TNC to your hotbit account follow below steps to do that. 

How Send And Receive TNC To Hotbit


It will just take some minutes for the transactions to be successful then you have just withdrawn your TNC from a real research survey Wallet to your hotbit crypto trending wallet. 


After its been sent you can now trend or convert the tnc to another cryptocurrency like bitcoin, eth and others.  But we recommend you Convert it to tron because tron enables low transaction fees and also 1tnc is equivalent to 1tron respectively. 


So when you 100TNC then you already have 100tron which is equivalent to upto 2,500 in naira currency. 


How To Convert Real Resection TNC To Other Crypto Using Hotbit

You can now follow the same steps to cover your bitcoin to tron which you will see the sign as TRX/BTC that is used to convert to tron. 

You can follow the screenshot option, the reason we said you should convert your btc to trx once you convert your tnc to btc is because of the service charge if you want to withdraw to your main wallet address. 


Bitcoin and ethereum charge serve high once you want to do any sending transactions on their blockchain, but tron is attached with low service charge. 


And it’s recommended to keep the TNC coin either on your real research survey wallet or you keep it on your hotbit wallet, because anything can happen in future the coin might gain more user’s and higher the supply higher it’s keep going. 


I hope we provide you with everything you need to know about real research surveys? 


If so, do by supporting us share this article with your friends and lets people know about us. We appreciate if you do so. 



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