How to Find Your Android Phone or iPhone with Google Assistant

How to Find Your Android Phone or iPhone with Google Assistant
How to Find Your Android Phone or iPhone with Google Assistant.

Everyone knows the fear of losing their smartphone. There are many ways you’ll attempt to find it, but the simplest could be with the assistance of Google Assistant. Just say “Hey Google” and find your iPhone or Android phone.

Using Google Assistant’s Find My Phone feature with Android doesn’t need any setup. As long because the device is turned on, has an online connection, and is signed into your Google account, you ought to be ready to find it. The iPhone method requires a touch more work, but it’s easy to try to to .

Note: This feature only works with Google Assistant on Google Home and Google Nest devices. It won’t work if you are trying to use Google Assistant from another smartphone.

Find Your Android Phone with Google Assistant

To use the feature, all you would like to try to to is say “Hey Google, find my phone” to a Google Nest smart speaker or display. If you’ve got multiple devices on your account, it’ll ask you to clarify which handset you would like to seek out .

As long as your lost Android phone is powered on, connected to the web , and signed in to an equivalent Google account as your speaker, it’ll start ringing.
hey google find my phone
Find Your iPhone with Google Assistant
For the iPhone, you’ll got to do a touch setup before the feature works. First, install the Google Home app from the App Store and check in to your Google account.
device found notification
Next, tap “Settings.”
google home iphone app
From the Settings menu, select “Notifications.”
go to notifications
Open “General Notifications.”
general notifications
You’ll see a couple of differing types of notifications that the Google Home app can provide. The one you would like to enable is “Critical Alerts.”
enable critical alerts
With that out of the way, you’ll use the feature. Say “Hey Google, find my iPhone” to at least one of your Google Nest smart speakers or displays.
hey google find my iphone
As long because the iPhone is turned on, connected to the web , and using an equivalent Google account on both the speaker and residential app, it’ll begin ringing.
assistant ringing iphone
Note: Because the Find My Phone feature is completed through the Google Home app, there are some limitations. it’s going to be blocked by don’t Disturb and it won’t work if the phone is silenced.

That’s all there’s to it! this is often an ingenious little workaround to use Google Assistant to seek out your iPhone, though it’s going to not be as reliable as Apple’s built-in method.

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