How To Get A Full Size Whatsapp Profile Picture With No Cropping

How To Get A Full Size Whatsapp Profile Picture With No Cropping

Don’t you just hate it when you have to crop your best picture, just to make it fit as a new WhatsApp profile picture.

Hey, some photos are too good to crop!

Imagine that you’ve taken a photo in your best attire and want to make it your new WhatsApp DP. Only for WhatsApp to give you just a few square centimeters of space, which means you will have to crop your photo in half or even three quarters.

Sometimes cropping the picture means the other details of the photo are left out and sometimes it means your photo will be set as one of those cringe inducing, up close portraits, no thanks!

So how do you get your full sized WhatsApp photo without downsizing.

Well, first of all you need to an external app to make that happen because WhatsApp is not known for friendly dimensions.

You can download Square Droid Application from Google Playstore.

After downloading it you can now install it in your phone.

Open your Square Droid App and it will give you options like Pick A Photo, Take A Photo.

Assuming you already have one photo to go, choose the pick a photo option.

Select the photo that you want in your gallery. Square Droid gives you an option to set a background type and select what works best for you.

Tap on the Save button at the top right of your application screen. The photo gets saved in your phone immediately.

Now you can go to your Whatspp and choose that picture from your gallery. It will fit in with the WhatsApp dimensions and you don’t have to crop it.

Now you‌ have your WhatsApp DP in full size and ready to go?

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