How To Get MTN 1.5GB Data for 300 April 2020

Mtn 1.5GB at cheap rate was just invented by mtn which seems to be latest to offer, we call it my mtn offer or mtn data offer4meMtn 1.5GB at cheap rate was just invented by mtn which seems to be latest to offer, we call it my mtn offer or mtn data offer4me yea we’ve just found out that most people have been Searching for such mtn 1.5GB for 300 that why we bring clarification to it view this article.

We might or must have explained something related to this in some of our articles that was released some days ago.

You can checkout their compilation from the free browsing archive page by just clicking here or you go straight to our site and visit the page from there.

But u don’t have to still worry we will clarify all to you on how you can get the mtn 1.5GB activated on your line.

Some week ago approximately let say being of this month mtn introduced a new offer which is derived from a code *121# The offer is called mtn data offer4me yeah our target still on the same code which will help us to know how we can get the mtn 1.5GB for 300.

It is something simple, nothing is hard there and it is a simple trick to get this plan activated on you line buh before we go further I will like us to know and go through the features of the plan 1.5GB for 300.

Features On How To Get Mtn 1.5GB For 300

  • Available for all mtm active users
  • It is not sim selective.
  • No VPN is needed to power up the data.
  • Browsing speed is fast.
  • Eligible for all 3G and 4G device
  • Can be use on all kind of device (Android, IOS and PC)
  • Might nor be available for inactive users.

Now we’ve learned the features of the plan. Let’s get to know how you can get the data activated on your mtn line.

How To Activate Mtn 1.5GB for N300

  1. Go to your phone and dial *121#
  2. Select the option Mtn Data offer4me
  3. You will be provided with the list of offers.Mtn offer4Me 
  4. 1.5GB for 300, 4GB for 1000, 200MB for 50.
  5. Offer that will be displayed depends on your line and how active you are.
  6. Switch and select our target which is 1.5 for 300
  7. Select it and send but make sure you have Airtel worth of 300 on your mtn sim before you send it.
  8. Then Boom your line will be credited with data worth of 1.5GB.

That all you have successfully activated your line with 1.5GB for Just 300.

Hope this article provides you what you have been looking for so let us know view the comments section enjoy and also remember to stay updated with us view our telegram channel.
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