How To Get Mtn 2GB Free Data And Accumulate Upto 30GB Mtn Free Promo Code 2021


Mtn 25GB free Data 2021 Mtn free promo code 2GB Mtn is here again with free data for everyone!Although it’s been quite a while since we have any free browsing tips from mtn, they are unarguably one of the top at free browsing. A lot of people uses mtn so this cheat might not sound new to you, but if you haven’t heard then brace yourself for some huge amount of data that can even be accumulated.

This cheat is a very straight forward one and no additional software is required (Well there’s one if you wish to). All you need to do is send a text message (a coupon code) to a number and boom!! Mtn 2GB awaits you. Don’t get too excited though, as this cheat is sim selective but trust me, it works for a good deal of sims. And it also doesn’t matter what tariff plan you’re on, if you are lucky then it works. 

The good news about this cheat once it works for you is that once it works for you, it can be accumulated as much as possible, all you have to do is keep sending the text messages to the same number. But we also have a trick to make this easy for you. 

  • MTN sim card (doesn’t matter what tarrif you are on). 
  • A mobile phone to send your text messages.
  • Sms bomber android app.


Below is the procedure to accumulate your free data. 

  1. Go to your sms app on your mobile phone. 
  2. Create new text message.
  3. Send 314587629s to 460
  4. Wait for reply message. 
  5. It doesn’t matter what message you recieve back, it might claim its not successful but ignore that.
  6. Check your data balance by dialing *131*4# and send. 
  7. Voilà you just got mtn 2GB of data.
  8. Repeat the process for step one to accumulate more data.

Download sms Bomber from Google play store to make the accumulation process more easier, as you can send multiple messages at once with this app.

Hurry now and get yours before it’s too late, there’s no time to be wasted.

Sharp guys don grab already!. Mtn 2GB free promo code 2021. Mtn free promo code 2021.

Mtn 2GB free Mtn 2GB free data 2021Mtn 2GB free data 2021

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