How To Get MTN Night Plan Activation Code

The lockdown in Nigeria make a lot of people not to sleep at night so they keep on searching for Night plan (MtnNight plan)The lockdown in Nigeria make a lot of people not to sleep at night so they keep on searching for Night plan (MtnNight plan) that is affordable from Top Nigeria Network Providers (Mtn, Airtel, 9mobile n Glo) have just notice that people have been searching a lot on how to activate night plan 1.5GB which is affordable.

I don’t think there is such mtn data plan that offers night plan of 1.5GB, no there isn’t, but I will bring some clarification to you on which amount of Night plan bundle that you can get from mtn on this article.

Their several things to note before you can be eligible for the night plan which are listed below :

Things To Note About MtnNight Plan


  • You must be a mtn subscriber.
  • Mtn users plan my new mtn pulse tariff plan
    ( there is different between mtn pulse and mtn mpulse)
  • Eligible night plans are mtn night of 250MB for N25 and
    mtnnight plan of 500mb for N50.
  • The night plan is available and eligible for all mtn pulse subscribers.

You should try to note does things above before you proceed to subscribe to the plan and as I said earlier you can get Mtnnight plan of 250MB for 25 and 500MB for 50 no such night plan of 1.5GB the only plan that is available on mtn pulse plan is 1.5GB for 500 which is available for mtn pulse subscribers only and it valid for 7days.


Also you can only partake on the plan for just once, that is you can’t subscribe on the night plan twice unlike Airtel Night Plan which is available on loop mode meaning you can get the night plan activate more than once which seems cool.

How To Activate Mtn Night Plan


  1. We use the following code to activate the mtnnight plan *406# .
  2. The selection option available there as night planMtn night plan
  3. You will be provided with two options: Night plan of
    250MB for N25 And 500MB For N50.Mtn night plan code
  4. Go for the one that suits you.


By following the steps you have successfully subscribed to mtnnight plan.


Validity Of The MtnNight Plan


The plan is valid for just a day and you can make use of it from 12am to 5am, it will be stated there whenever you want to subscribe to the plan that’s all.


This article contains code for mtn night sub, how to do mtn night sub and how to subscribe to mtnnight plan in 2020.

I hope to have helped you guy’s with something you have been searching for so let me know view the comments box.


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