How To Get Paid On Opera News Hub 2020 and the way Much you’ll Earn Per 1 Click And Post Engagement

Hello great people on Opera News Hub, i got a lots of comment on my social media handle from Opera News Hub writers asking me how can they get paid.

How much will they get paid from one post?

When will Opera News Hub pay?

How does Opera News Hub work?

How much can i earn From Opera News Hub post engagement etc.

But today i will be answering few of the above mentioned questions follow me up for the rest results.
Before i jump into Answering your questions! Let me school you through what Is Opera News Hub & How Does It Work?

The Opera news hub may be a new online media platform where bloggers and content writers can get exposure to their masterpiece.

It connects seamlessly with other Opera mobile apps just like the default Opera mini browser. which suggests content creator will have the chance to succeed in more international audience and more exposure.

And at an equivalent time, get more social media followers and spread their content everywhere the web .

This basically means the more awareness your content gets on the news hub the more potential income you’ll make.
Below are the breakdowns of how your article causes you to money on the opera news hub platform.

1 click will get you a traffic bonus of 0.036₦

100 clicks will get traffic of bonus 3.6₦

1,000 clicks will get you traffic of bonus 36₦

10,000 clicks = traffic bonus of 360₦

25,000 clicks = 2.5 * 360 = ₦ 900

Mind you, since the opera news hub may be a huge platform, it’s way easier to urge quite 10,000 clicks during a short period of your time .

Additionally, you’ll also get purchased post share and comments.

Article with quite 100 engagements are going to be eligible for the engagement bonus which is ₦ 1800 per 100 engagement.

If your article engagement bonus is lesser than this, you’ll not be eligible for the bonus. However, every content with over 100 is eligible.

For example, 250 engagements, will get 2.5 * 1800 = ₦ 4500 as an engagement bonus

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