How to Hide Gridlines in Google Sheets

How to Hide Gridlines in Google Sheets
How to Hide Gridlines in Google Sheets.

If you’re working in Google Sheets, you ought to already be conversant in its grid-like interface, where cells are separated by borderlines called gridlines. If you would like to cover these gridlines from view, however, here’s what you’ll got to do.

Hide Gridlines in Edit View
By default, Google Sheets displays gridlines as you’re editing a spreadsheet. These are the grey lines that separate each cell. once you select a cell (or multiple cells), Sheets will surround it with a blue border.

Gridlines are different from cell borders, which you’ll manually increase cells to form them stand out. Disabling gridlines in Google Sheets won’t remove any additional cell borders or formatting you’ve applied to cells in your spreadsheet.
Example cells in a Google Sheets spreadsheet with gridlines enabled.
If you would like to cover the gridlines as you edit, however, you can. Start by opening your Google Sheet spreadsheet and clicking “View” from the menu bar.

From the “View” menu, select the “Gridlines” choice to uncheck it.
Once that’s unchecked, all gridlines between cells across your spreadsheet will disappear from view. you ought to still see the blue border round the cells you decide on , however.

Hide Gridlines in Printed Documents
The method above will hide gridlines as you edit a Google Sheets spreadsheet, but not if you opt to print it. once you print from Sheets, gridlines will cover the world containing any non-empty cells, allowing you to look at them separately.

If you would like to cover gridlines from printed Google Sheets documents, however, you’ll got to start by opening your spreadsheet and clicking File > Print to open the printer settings menu.
To disable gridlines on Google Sheets, press View > Gridlines in an open spreadsheet.
In the “Print Settings” menu, select the “Formatting” category option within the menu panel on the proper . From the choices listed below it, uncheck the “Show Grid Lines” option.
To begin printing a Google Sheets spreadsheet, press File > Print.
This will remove any visible gridlines from your spreadsheet during the printing .

Confirm the opposite print settings using the panel on the proper , then check your spreadsheet layout using the print preview panel on the left. If you’re happy to proceed, click “Next” to start the printing .
In the "Print Settings" menu, press Formatting > Show Gridlines to remove visible gridlines from your document before printing.
Your browser or operating system’s printer options menu should appear at now .

Make sure to verify that the right printer, page selection, and page sizes are selected, then select “Print” within the bottom-right corner to start printing your spreadsheet.
To begin printing, press the "Next" option.
Your Google Sheets spreadsheet should now print, showing the contents of your document, but with any visible gridlines removed.

In the printer dialog box, press the "Print" option to begin printing.

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