How to install MIUI 12 on your Xiaomi mobile in a simple way without needing a PC

Do you have a Xiaomi mobile and it has not been updated to MIUI 12? There are several reasons why this version of MIUI may not reach your terminal, but the most common is that the OTA has not yet been deployed in your country. Today we tell you how to install MIUI 12 on a Xiaomi mobile in a simple way. You will have to do it manually, but it is so easy to do it that it is not necessary to have previous knowledge about Android or ROMs. You just have to download the file and perform a couple of steps from the settings of your mobile. No need for developer settings, computer or complicated steps.

It’s that easy to install MIUI 12 on a Xiaomi mobile with the recovery ROM

XDA is one of the most interesting pages to find Custom ROMs and all kinds of information about Android phones. They have been collected all MIUI 12 stable ROMs what’s available for Xiaomi mobiles. In the article we are talking about there are download links and dozens of new and old models. If you still don’t have a stable MIUI 12, you will surely find your device on the XDA list.

The first thing to do is find your device on the XDA list and download the recovery ROM. In the table you will find two available links: Recovery ROM and ROM Fastboot. The first is the easiest to install on your device. Of course, do not try to install a ROM from another terminal on your terminal. if it is not you’ll have to wait. These are the steps you must follow:

  1. Download the file .zip from the XDA website
  2. Move the file to the ‘folderDowload_rom‘(if the folder does not exist you must create it)
  3. Enter your terminal settings and select ‘About your phone’
  4. Click on ‘System updates’
  5. Click on the three points in the upper right
  6. Select option ‘Choose upgrade package
  7. Choose the previously downloaded .zip file to begin the installation

IMPORTANT: it is essential that you save the .zip in folder ‘Dowload_rom’ so that it appears when you choose the option ‘Choose update package’. If you save the file in another folder will not appear and you will not be able to install it.

When you select the file you will only have to wait for MIUI 12 to install on your terminal as if it were an OTA. Don’t worry if it takes several minutes, it is completely normal. It is highly recommended to have a good amount of storage available and the battery more than 50% charged. The update does not delete any files or application, but we recommend making a backup in case something goes wrong during the installation. It is not common, but it can happen.

It is a way to install the MIUI 12 manual stable ROM and extremely simple. All users with a minimum knowledge of Android can do it without any problem. If you dare, you just have to take into account the save folder and the correct ROM download for your terminal. With this you can install MIUI 12 on a Xiaomi mobile.


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