How To Know That Someone Is Online On WhatsApp Without Checking

How To Know That Someone Is Online On WhatsApp Without Checking

Maybe you were having an important chat with one of your contacts before they disappeared online without an explanation and you’re wondering when they will come back online again.

Perhaps you’re looking for an opportune time to speak with your contact and are wondering when they will be online so you can chat them up and reply to each other in real time.

Perhaps you want to avoid a certain contact and to do that you need to know when they are online. .

However if you want to cut through all that and want to appear as you’re not online to some people when you are in fact online, you can get the crash course on this article.

So you want to know if your friend is online even without checking on WhatsApp?

Here’s how, first you need to download GBWhatsApp because on normal WhatsApp the only way you know is by going online yourself and checking on a contact.

GBWhatsApp can be downloaded on

Assuming you have downloaded GBWhatsApp you got to GBWhatsApp Settings written GB Settings.

Select the second option which says Main/Chat screen

Got to option 2.5 which says Contact Online Toast.

Next you select Show contact online toast.

You can also choose if you want your contact online toast to make a sound notification and can also customize its position on your screen.

Then you’re done, you will get a notification when your friends are online even when you’re not online.



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