How To Make $50 To $100 With Your Mobile Phone

Before we entered the year 2020, I heard some people shouting and saying that 2020 is their year to make it, and that they will achieve

Before we entered the year 2020, I heard some people shouting and saying that 2020 is their year to make it, and that they will achieve whatever they failed to achieve in the previous year this year.

Some even say that its their year of harvest as if they planted something in the first place.But the truth is that the reason why some people looks like they are more successful than others is the amount of work of and dedication they put in.

Buts that’s by the by the way ,am not a motivational speaker ,am here to show you how to leverage on your mobile phone and start making cool cash from it.

🌻If you choose to make money online leveraging on digital and soft skills that gives you acess to unending world-wide digital space needing more people, here are skills you can leverage on

Social media marketing

✓Copy writing

✔ Facebook ads

✓Graphic Design

✓Digital product and


✔ E commerce

Video Adverts

On the other hand, you can make money online without necessarily having a skill with just your smartphone through the following ways.

  1. Carrying out surgery’s

  2. Beta Testing applications

  3. Airdrops (Crypto currency)

Let me give a brief description on the unskilled part of it.

Note-This is not for you if you are lazy

Lazy people can’t make money!

An attribute of them is finding it difficult to read! Once you discover that about yourself! Help yourself fight and beat lazziness.

For those interested in making money without getting skilled, this is for you!


Survey is a way of getting facts, ideas and response from users end for a product/event or article!

Product owners leverage on the response they get to improve their product and re adjust when needed but in turn, they offer incentives mostly in form of money for participants who give them valuable information in return.

<strong>Beta testing</strong>

Do you know some people get paid to try out applications you download on playstore?

Yes but amazingly, not only playstore. In beta testing, you get paid to test run an application on your phone. As a time even facebook called for beta testers last year and people made as much as 250$ each month before the program was stopped!

There are still platforms ranging from ones that pays you in crypto currency to normal currency just for test running their applications while it most times in it development mode.


Just with this, i have made over 100$ this year. Most of my friends doing crypto that doesn’t trade make their money from airdrops, trust me have seen people made over 1000$ per month with airdrops.

What is airdrop?

When a new cryptocurrency is coming out, the creators offer this coin out to people for free and most times when the project works out… You can convert what you were offered for free to Money depending on how much you were given and how many you received.

Do you know you can actually make money watching videos?This time around you are no longer watching all those irrelevant videos you do watch.Now you are being paid to watch adverts placed by different companies.

Get started and start making your own 50$ + online just in the comfort of your home Check Out how to make money with your whatsapp.

Hope you got value.

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1 Comment

  1. Kenneth

    April 22, 2020 at 5:21 pm

    Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post about online business. I appreciate you.
    Can you please educate me more on the requirements and basis.
    Thanks. Kenneth.

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