How to Make Microsoft Edge Read Your Articles Aloud

How to Have Microsoft Edge Read You Articles Aloud
How to Make Microsoft Edge Read Your Articles Aloud.

Sometimes, you only don’t desire reading. It are often a piece of writing , a Wikipedia entry, or a search paper for college . rather than checking out a YouTube video, hear articles using Microsoft Edge’s Read Aloud feature.

Microsoft Edge features a pretty stellar built-in reader mode. It removes all the things from the online page (including ads and additional content) and presents it during a customizable text format.

The reader mode also features a Read Aloud feature (similar to Siri’s feature on Mac). within the past few years, text-to-speech has come an extended way. once you use Microsoft Edge’s Read Aloud feature, you don’t desire a robot is lecture you.

In fact, there are a few of voices that nearly sound human, with variable pitch, appropriate pauses, and stellar pronunciation for complex words.

To get there, first, open the article that you simply want Microsoft Edge to read aloud on your Windows 10 PC or Mac. Then, from the URL bar, click the Immersive Reader button (You also can press the F9 key.).

The page will now change into the reader mode format.

To listen to the article, click the “Read Aloud” button.

Microsoft Edge will now start speaking the article’s text from the top to the bottom. It will fade the entire article, only highlighting the word that’s being spoken.

You can change the playback speed and the voice itself from the “Voice Options” section. Edge has a versatile library of natural-sounding English voices for different accents (German, Japanese, Indian, and so on).

You can pause and navigate the speech feature in a couple of ways. First, you can click the Play/Pause button at the top. The Previous and Next buttons will help you skip to the previous or the next paragraph.

You can also use the Space bar to play or pause the audio (Your computer’s media keys will work as well.).

The Read Aloud feature doesn’t let you directly skip to a part of the article. It always starts speaking from the top of the screen. So if you want to skip ahead, scroll down, and line up the desired text to the top of the window. Then double-click anywhere in the window to skip to it.

Once you’re done, you can use the ESC key to exit the Read Aloud feature, or you can click the Immersive Reader button to exit the reader mode altogether.

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