How To Pass ICAN Exams In Nigeria At First Sitting In 2021


Are you thinking about how to pass ICAN exams and ATS on your first sitting? Well, this tutorial can help, and if professional exams like ACCA, ICAEW are your focus, you are covered as well.

The Accounting Technicians Scheme (ATS) is simply an initiative of the Association of Accounting Technicians, and the several tags that are related to this concept are ATS, AAT, ABWA, ATSWA. Since you googled this topic, I assume you already know what these terms stand for.

The Accounting Technicians Scheme West Africa comprises lots of examinations that are written across West Africa. It is not restricted to only Nigeria, therefore be rest assured that it is very recognized. Having an AAT certificate is the clearance you need to write ICAN exams, even without a BSc or HND.

You will not have to write various courses since you must’ve passed identical courses during your ATS progress. In fact, this also applies when you are a BSc holder. You can expect some exemptions since you must’ve come across those courses during your regular school academic sessions.

Pass ICAN Exams In Nigeria
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This is the reason why ICAN accredits institutions before they let BSc graduates take the ICAN examinations. As soon as ICAN accredits your institution, it only means that ICAN is sure that your school is teaching the right courses, the proper way, and under proper conditions.

If ICAN is yet to accredit your school, then you need to do it via ATS or via the basic level of ICAN exams, and you will get little or zero exemptions. Even if your institution has been accredited, companies nowadays prefer chartered accountants who passed through the ATS rudiments.

It is wise to start enrolling for ATS exams immediately you enter the university because there will be enough time to run both programmes simultaneously. In summary, the earlier the better, especially when your school has not been accredited.

I’m certain that by now, you already know the benefits of being a Chartered accountant. We have several BSc holders, but very few Chartered accountants and the truth is that being chartered will always give you the advantage over others. You should also know that you don’t have to a student of accounting to write ICAN exams as science students also take the exam.

It is true that not everyone will be able to pass this examination on 1 sitting, however, I promise that if you follow the guidelines below, your chances of passing it flying colors will be very high. You might not pass the first time, but you’re sure to get it right on your first retake. However, it is best to give it your all the first time, as ICAN and ACCA exams are quite costly. See How To Pass ICAN Exams In Nigeria At First Sitting In 2021:

How Can I Pass ICAN Exams In Nigeria At First Sitting?

1. Prepare Early:

A popular mistake that most baby accountants make is that they do not start preparing on time until their ICAN exam is around the corner. Preparation is key, and make sure you get your study materials on time. Also, decide to read something every single day, no matter how little. Your lesson centre should not be in topic 4 before you. Make sure you are always ahead so you can be familiar with what the lecturers are talking about.

2. Take Your Mind Off Everything Else:

In essence, focus. No one is saying you should not live your life, but you have to free your mind for fresh knowledge to find space to settle into. If you find out that the syllabus is broader than you expected, stop complaining and embrace the challenge. Stop focusing on your hate for mathematics and statistics, you have to believe you can give your all for the best result.

3. Ensure You Finish The Study Pack:

Now, this is very important. You need to finish reading the syllabus to be certain that you’re ready for your ICAN exam. No one is asking you to digest all the topics, but you should at least glance through them. If a specific topic is proving stubborn, and it was not touched in your lesson centre, you should go through it yourself.

Pass ICAN Exams In Nigeria
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4. Sleep:

ICAN examinations are not cram and answer exams, they simply test what you have in your head, not what you read the previous night. The truth is that for an exam that lasts 3 hours or more, you just have to be well-rested. If you are not aware, brains actually shut down midway through exams, so prevent that from happening during your ICAN exam by sleeping properly before D day.

5. Study Past Questions:

Past Questions will always be important ahead of any exam. Some people might not need it to pass, but they are highly useful. They simply help you to familiarize with the questions to expect, and you’ll be shocked to see areas you haven’t covered.

6. Last Minute Roundups:

You have to make sure you arrive at your exam venue early so you can have a clear head before you start. At the examination hall, do not be in a haste to get inside, go in at your own pace and ensure the properties you go there with are kept in a secure place.

That is that.

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