How to recognize and collect the 3 most expensive Pokemon cards

Who here loves Pokemon? Did you know, the first printed Shadowless Charizard officially became the most expensive Pokemon card today. In February 2021, the TGC, or trading card game from the Pokemon universe managed to sell for an unusual price, around the US $ 300,000. Check out the following which are the most expensive Pokemon cards that have been sold.

List of Most Expensive Pokemon Cards To Date

Here we present the 3 most expensive Pokemon cards in the world.

1. First-Edition Shadowless Charizard Holo (sekitar US$ 300.000)

This pokemon card becomes expensive because it has a hologram that can glow and sparkle. This card is also available in fewer quantities than the other cards. What is special about this card is that it is the first print without a shadow.

2. No. 2 Trainer Promo Card (US$ 200.000)

Pokemon Card No.2 Trainer Promo Card is one of the rare Pokemon cards. The Gold Card itself can be estimated to be worth around US$200,000!

3. #4 Kangaskhan – Parent/Child Promo Card ($133,000)

Card 4 Kangaskhan – Parent/Child Promo Card is one of the most prestigious cards in the world. Many people are fighting over this card. At least right now this unique card is priced at around US$133,000

Not only that, but the most expensive Pokemon cards also come from collections that have been NFT – enabled. Call it a collection from Logan Paul who managed to collect up to the US $ 504,990 from the total sales of his collection. 

Digital Pokemon Card Collection

Digital Pokemon Card CollectionThe world has changed and technology continues to evolve. Things that used to be done manually have now become more practical with digital formats. One of them is the activity of collecting Pokemon cards at Pikazon. In the past, to collect pokémon kaarten waarde, you had to buy physical cards. However, now these cards are available in digital format, you know!

Then, what is the difference between a digital format card and an image file that can be downloaded on the internet for free?

The digital Pokemon card is more than just an image file because it is connected to the NFT or Non-Fungible Token system. With the adoption of NFT, Pokemon cards have special authentication certificates that are difficult to forge. Say you have a Bulbasaur first edition card that has adopted the NFT mechanism, then the only one who can be said to be the owner of that card in this world is you. Unless there is another first edition Bulbasaur card registered as NFT.  

The Beginning of Pokemon Card NFT Development

The development of the most expensive Pokemon card collection card as an NFT asset certainly did not just happen. This transformation is caused by several factors. The first factor is the increasing interest in collecting Pokemon cards themselves.

Data from eBay shows that TGC buying and selling transactions increased by 142% in 2020. This means that there are more than 4 million collectible cards sold on the buying and selling platform. Pokemon itself became the best-selling TGC with an increase of up to 574%, which was then followed by basketball and baseball collection cards.

The second factor is the increasingly crowded blockchain industry. Blockchain technology allows collectors to “secure” their card collections. Through NFT, they can embed a serial number that is difficult to imitate and fake on each card. The existence of NFT functions as a kind of certificate that ensures the authenticity and ownership of digital collection cards.

The Most Expensive Pokemon Card Success As NFT

Box Break NFT - Logan

The combination of the popularity of Pokemon cards with NFT technology has been successfully proven by Logan Paul. Paul, who is an influencer and YouTuber from the United States, minted his card collection in February 2021. The minted Pokemon cards are then auctioned off as NFTs.

The auction, which is Paul’s collaboration with Bond Finance, offers the first edition of the Pokemon Booster Pack card. Each NFT in the collection issued by Wizards of the Coast has its own rarity level. Some are even classified as the most expensive Pokemon cards which are very difficult to obtain.

Start Pokemon NFT Card Collection

For those of you who are really interested in collecting NFT Pokemon cards, you don’t have to bother collecting physical cards and minting yourself. The reason is, now some services do provide NFT Pokemon cards to be collected and collected. You can even turn the collectible card into a digital investment asset.

You can find these services on OpenSea. Until this article was written, OpenSea as an NFT marketplace offers 60 types of NFT Pokemon cards such as Snivy, Pansage, Virizion, Lilligant, and Genset. For the price alone, the entire card is offered at a starting price of 0.1 ETH.

Apart from OpenSea, you can also start hunting for NFT Pokemon cards through Digible. This site specializes in providing an NFT platform specifically for collectibles. The types of Pokemon cards offered are also very diverse, ranging from Pokemon Jungle 1 st Edition to Pokemon Gym Heroes 1 st Edition.

The application of the blockchain-supported NFT mechanism is proven to increase the value of Pokemon cards. Not only that, but the Pokemon NFT card is also more secure because its authentication can be confirmed immediately when you buy it.

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