How To Remove An Echo In Audacity

Remove Echo In Audacity
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At times, you only need a little error in the setup process to totally ruin your recording and fill it with lots of annoying echoes and reverbs. As phone users who fancy audio recording from time to time, you already know that this experience can make recording super frustrating.

Not to worry though, even if it is not possible to remove this annoying echo completely, you can actually use Audacity to decrease it in your audio recordings. Want to know exactly how to make that happen? See How To Remove An Echo In Audacity:

How Can I Remove Echo in Audacity?

Before we start, ensure you have Audacity downloaded and installed on your PC. If that is yet to be done, simply download it now from the official site. Be aware that the process is super complex and will require a top knowledge of how sound recording works.

How To Reduce Echo Without a Plug-In In Audacity?

After you download and launch Audacity, do this:

  • Tap “File” way up on the screen.
  • Select “Open.”
  • A window will be visible. Way down on the window, change “Files of type” to “All supported types.”
  • Tap on the file you wish to edit, then tap “Open.”
  • Choose the segment of the audio file you want to edit. This can be done by tapping on one end of the segment and dragging the mouse until you reach the other. If you wish to edit the entire file, press Ctrl+A on Windows or Command+A on Mac.
  • Access “Effects” way up on the screen.
  • Choose “Noise Reduction.”
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  • Boosting the “Noise reduction” slider will steadily enhance audio quality.
Remove Echo In Audacity
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  • If increasing noise reduction reduces the volume, head to “Effects” and select “Amplify” to boost the volume.
Remove Echo In Audacity
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  • Locate the compressor under “Effects.” You will have to change the ratio, and the noise floor and threshold can also be altered if necessary.
  • Depending on your present sound pitch within the file, you might have to use a low pass or a high pass filter. They are found in the bottom half of the “Effects” menu. A low pass filter will help if your audio is very high-pitched, while a high pass filter is needed if the audio sounds very low or muffled. Change only the “Rolloff.” though.
  • Locate “Equalization” and switch from “Draw Curves” to “Graphic EQ.” You might feel the latter is less complicated to use because it grants you control over the sliders and allows you to set their values that way, while the former compels you to draw the equalizer yourself. If you want to rectify your low tones, concentrate on the sliders to the left. The middle bars affect the mid-tones, while the bars on the right should be changed to affect the higher tones.
Remove Echo In Audacity
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  • Also click “File” way up on the screen and head to “Export Audio.”
Remove Echo In Audacity
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  • Select the file type in “Save as.” The popular ones are mp3 (compressed) and wav (lossless). Ensure you don’t mistakenly overwrite the old file.
  • Head to File and select Save Project As to save the project file.

How To Reduce Echo With A Plug-In In Audacity?

There are several free Plug-ins for Audacity, however for this particular echo problem, “Noise Gate” can help because it enhances the sound quality and can help to decrease the echo just the way you want it reduced. See how to install it:

  • Get the plug downloaded directly from this link.
  • Put the downloaded file (.ny file extension) in the Plug-Ins folder. Ensure that Audacity is closed while you do this.
  • Launch Audacity.
  • Head to Effects > Add/Remove Plugins.
  • Choose “Noise Gate” and tap “Enable.”
Remove Echo In Audacity
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That is that.

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