How to send a WhatsApp Message To Someone without Saving their Number

Happy Easter friends, I pray God to preserve you and your loved ones from this ongoing pandemic. You’ll probably make use of your WhatsApp more this period to make calls, chat or even add more contacts.

But you’ll agree with me that you can’t chat with anyone whose contact is not saved on your phone contact list, which I know can be annoying… But I’m going to show you simple ways to chats with someone on WhatsApp whose contacts are not saved on your phone contact lists.

How to send a WhatsApp Message without Saving the Contacts

Method 1: Using WhatsApp’s links

1. Open your smartphone browser and type the following link

2. Replace the last part with the full number, with the country and region code, but without any +or  or () or 00.

For example, if you want to chat with the number +2348096040609 in NG, you would go to the URL:

  1. Press send

4. A WhatsApp window will open asking if you want to send a message to that phone number. Press on ‘send message’.

5. You will automatically be redirected to WhatsApp with the ‘start chatting’ window to the person you entered on your phone.

Method 2: Using a Simple Third-Party App

Click to Chat: All you need to do is simply enter the phone number, tap a button, and you’re taken to a newly-created chat in WhatsApp.

You can download the app here.

The third method is for stock android and it doesn’t work on all android phone so I’m not going to dive into it.

With the above methods, you don’t need to add a contact to your phonebook before you chat with them on WhatsApp messenger. Let us know if you have any method not added to the above that you are using.

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