How To Turn Your Slow Charger Into A Fast Charger

How To Turn Your Slow Charger Into A Fast Charger

Definitely, no one loves a slow charger as it can be frustrating some times having your phone charged for so long with lesser battery life than normal. You should know that some chargers are slow while some others are fast depending on the cord or the head of the charger if it is a detachable type of charger.

Many people are so good at borrowing or using other people’s chargers because theirs are quite slow and they love a fast charge. And you should also know that getting a fast charger in the market these days is a really big deal as only the phone stores are a good place, but the price there is quite expensive compared to the amount you’ll get in a local market.

Why waste your money trying to get a fast charger when you can turn your slow charger into a fast one in just 10 minutes all by yourself. Its very easy! Just flow these steps critically and get your charger walking really fast.

Before you proceed, make sure it’s a detachable type of charger. That is, the type where you can detach the cord from the charger head. You should by now know that the most important part of any charger is the cord, so we will be working on the chord. Separate the cord from the head and then holding the cord straight up.

Now all you have to do is to cut open the cord at the middle, make sure you don’t divide the cord into two totally but just cut the outer layer of the chord so that you can have access to the inner wires of the cord as shown below

As you can see above, we only removed the outer layer of the cord leaving the inner wires untouched. After that, you will see either 2, 3 or 4 wires of red, blue, black and green inside depending on the type and grade of chord that you are using. If it is just 2 wires, you shouldn’t worry about that cause your chord is a lower version and this process is not for you, just tape back your cord and leave it the way it is.

If there are 4 wires of red, black, green and blue or red, blue, green and yellow, that means your cord is okay for this process. All you have to do is to cut the green wire that’s there that’s all. Then tape back the remaining with a black or any coloured paper tape.

Your cord is ready to charge your phone real fast. Now make sure that when wanna do this, you don’t cut any other wires, just the green as it will affect the charging totally and be sure to have a complete set of 4 wires inside before proceeding. The process shouldn’t take you up to 10 minutes. There you have it!

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