How to Use Bitcoin ATMs to Sell Crypto Quickly and Conveniently

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are delighted that they can buy their favorite digital coin using BTC ATM. It is a simple, straightforward way of adding to your Bitcoin collection without using the risky and time-consuming online exchange platform. Bitcoin ATM offers a vastly convenient and secure way of buying crypto coins without submitting your personal or banking details.

To take the process a step further, cryptocurrency ATM manufacturers are now offering the selling option too. You can visit an ATM near you to sell your BTCs and take home the equivalent cash. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to sell BTCs using crypto ATM.

Choose a Two-Way ATM

The first step is to locate an ATM near you. Remember that not all ATMs offer the buy and sell convenience. Most Bitcoin ATMs are designed to buy BTCs, and a limited number allows you to sell. So when you search for ‘Bitcoin ATMs near me’, make sure you are looking for a machine that has the selling feature as well.

When you locate an ATM for selling Bitcoins, look at the screen for the ‘Withdraw Cash’ option to start the selling process. Press the tab and enter your mobile number. When you ‘Continue’ you will receive a text message on the mobile with a unique verification code. When you enter that code in the space provided, you will be prompted to set a pin or a passcode of four digits of your choice.

Make Sure You Send the Exact Amount of Coins

The next important step is to select the coin you want to sell using the ATM. Here, you are also required to enter the cash you wish to withdraw from the transaction. When this step is completed, you will receive a QR code. You must carefully send the coins here, and of the exact amount you want to sell. Open the wallet app to the chosen coin, hit send, and scan the QR code.

Here, you must be extra careful and double-check that you send the exact amount of coins displayed on the ATM screen. This will ensure that the transaction is completed smoothly and successfully.

Get Funds Faster 

The best thing about using the BTC ATM for selling cryptocurrencies is that you receive funds immediately for small transactions. For larger accounts, the system will wait for confirmation from the Bitcoin network. The cash is dispensed when the all-clear signal is received. You don’t have to spend time waiting at the ATM. A redemption code text message is sent to your mobile number. Simply return to the ATM, hit the redeem tab, enter the code received, and the cash is yours.

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A few facts that you must know:

At times, there will be network issues that might delay the process. You must pay the exact amount of coin requested by the ATM. Otherwise, you may have to get manual approval. This will result in more time required to complete the transaction and receive your cash. Always follow the instructions provided on the ATM screen strictly to enjoy a smooth experience while selling your Bitcoins. 

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