How to Use PS5 Controller To Play Game on Windows 10

How to Use a PS5 Controller on Windows 10
How to Use PS5 Controller To Play Game on Windows 10.

The PlayStation 5’s (PS5) DualSense wireless controller includes adaptive triggers that employment best with PS5 games, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work together with your computer. you’ll pair the PS5 controller together with your Windows 10 PC and play games on Steam also .

The Steam client (not Windows itself) supports the DualSense controller. So, before you begin , download and install Steam or update it to the newest version on your computer.

Pair Your PS5 Controller to a Windows 10 PC
Pairing the DualSense controller with a Windows 10 PC is feasible employing a USB cable or Bluetooth. Connecting the controller to your PC wirelessly is straightforward , but the controller’s Bluetooth connectivity isn’t up to the mark. You’re more happy employing a USB cable, especially if you’re connecting it to your Steam account.

You can use the USB cable bundled with the PS5, or another USB-A to USB-C cable. And if your PC features a USB-C port, you’ll pick a USB-C to USB-C cable, too.
To begin pairing, plug the USB cable into your computer and therefore the top of the DualSense controller. Wait a couple of seconds for Windows to detect the controller.

Open the instrument panel on your Windows 10 PC and ensure whether your computer has identified the controller. to try to to that, press the Windows key, type “Control Panel,” then hit the Enter key to launch the instrument panel app.

From the Control Panel menu, click on “Hardware and Sound,” followed by “Devices and Printers.”

Click Hardware and Sound in Control Panel Menu and Choose Devices and Printers

Under “Devices,” the DualSense controller will appear as a “Wireless Controller.”

Wireless Controller in Devices menu

Open the Steam app, click on “View” in the top-left corner, and select “Settings.”

Open Settings from View option in Steam

When the “Settings” menu pops up, select the “Controller” tab and click on “General Controller Settings.”

Select General Controller Settings

Your controller will appear as “PlayStation 5 Controller” at the bottom of the pop-up page.

In the same window, check the box next to “PlayStation Configuration Support” to let compatible Steam games use the PlayStation controller layout.

Enable PlayStation Configuration Support in Steam

Otherwise, Steam games will default to the Xbox controller layout configuration instead, which can get confusing. Xbox controllers arguably work best for PC gaming, since Microsoft supports them officially.
Configure Your DualSense Controller Using Steam
To further customize and configure the Sony DualSense controller, you’ll need to use Steam’s Big Picture mode. For that, click the large Picture Mode button within the top-right corner next to your Steam username.

Click on Big Picture Mode Button in Steam

Next, use your PS5 controller to tap on the gear-shaped Settings button at the top of the screen. 

Settings button in Big Picture Mode

Select “Controller Settings” under the “Controller” heading.

Controller Settings under Controller heading in Steam

In the “Controller Shutdown Time” section, use the drop-down to select the time after which the controller will automatically shut down when not in use.

Controller Shutdown Time in Controller Settings

After that, select the “PlayStation 5 Controller” under “Detected Controllers,” then click on the “Preferences” button.

Select the PS5 Controller and click Preferences

From the window that opens up, you can personalize the controller by giving it a specific name, switching off the vibration rumble, and customizing the LED light color, brightness, and saturation. 

If your DualSense controller isn’t working as expected, you can calibrate it. Open Steam’s “Big Picture Mode” mode. 

Next, click on the gear-shaped Settings icon. 

Select the “Controller Settings” option under the “Controller” heading.

Select Controller Settings under Controller

In the following window, select “PlayStation 5 Controller,” then choose “Calibrate.” 

Unfortunately, the PS5’s advanced haptics won’t work with many games on Windows. That’s because many game developers don’t support it by default, and Microsoft hasn’t unrolled the native drivers for the features.

Outside of Steam, your DualSense controller may or might not work with many games and digital game distribution services like Epic, Origin, GOG,, UPlay, etc.

Play Games together with your PS5 Controller on Your PC
After connecting the DualSense controller, you’ll enjoy a majority of games. you’ll found out and use Steam’s Remote Play Together to game locally together with your friends, otherwise you can use PS4 Remote Play to stream games from your PS4 console to your PC.

If you’re on the fence about the most recent game consoles, you’ll inspect our article on why you shouldn’t buy an all-digital PS5 and therefore the new Xbox.

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