How To Watch DSTV Free On Android 2020 Working Hacked DSTV

How To Watch DSTV Free On Android 2020 Working Hacked DSTV.   or all y’all people looking for an alternative to the vtv and the freeflix tv app
How To Watch DSTV Free On Android 2020 Working Hacked DSTV.

or all y’all people looking for an alternative to the vtv and the freeflix tv app, we have finally been able to dish a new and better iptv app to stream your favourite DSTV channels all for free.

This article contains all you need to know about the newly found Hacked DSTV app and how to get it and how to set it up, we will be providing all you need to know here, so we won’t be answering any questions afterwards, please go through this article carefully.

How to watch DSTV free

Some few weeks back, we dropped posts about how to watch DSTV free on android using the vtv iptv app and also watching DSTV channels using freeflix tv app, we got massive returns from people all over but after a while, issues with activation code start to fill the whole place and now the activation code no longer works for a good number of people (that is if it works for any at all..) since then we have been looking for an alternative mean to get another DSTV hack on How to watch DSTV free, now here is a good news to y’all, we have finally gotten one, thanks to Alitech, we have finally been able to obtain another DSTV hack to stream over 5000+ DSTV channels including the on-demand big brother naija TV show and

But this time around we will be adding some conditions to get this app, and if you can’t afford any of the conditions, then we are very sorry, reason is because Al lot of people has been taking advantage of our platform concerning the previous DSTV hack and we never got any credit for it, some even went as far as selling the app to other people while we offer the app for free download on our telegram channel, so we have also decided to lock the file and to be able to access it, you will have to complete some tasks after that, the app and the complete set-up will be given to you.

Note that we do not wish to monetize any of our content but this have to be done to ensure that we do not fall to the losing end, we have also provided an alternate to those that cannot afford the bill, we will be providing all that you need to know about the Hacked DSTV app in this article,we have also provided ways to use this DSTV hack on your pc and IOS devices so you don’t have to feel left out as we will make sure everyone can get this app. so just read on.

How to download DSTV hacked app.
To download the Hacked DSTV app is quite simple but without the setup instructions it will be partially useless so to get the app you will need to contact the admins @Alitechblogchannel to get the app and also the instructions for usage, follow the steps below to contact any of the admins to get yours.

(note that you have to complete the task first before contacting any of the Admins)

First you will need to have telegram installed on your device. You can download from play store and set up an account afterwards.

Then ensure that you are subscribed to our telegram channel, to do that come back to this page and hit the join telegram channel button available below.

Complete any of the tasks that will be listed below in this article.
After completing any of the tasks, contact any of the admins on the telegram channel.

To do that, click on the channel name in the channel as seen below and the list of admins will be there.
We will provide you with the app and the set up instructions.

How to watch DSTV free on android
Now to install this app on your android device, follow this steps below.

Download the app from telegram.
Ensure that your device is set to allow installation from unknown source (to do that easily go to settings on your phone then navigate to security and ensure that installation from unknown source is allowed.)
Go back to your telegram and click on the app and select save to downloads.
Navigate to your file manager and select downloads in the internal storage, and install the app from there.
After installation, configure with the set-up instructions given to you from the admins.
Select your favourite channel and enjoy.
How to watch DSTV free on pc
You can also use this app on your pc to enjoy a wider view, but you will need an android emulator on your pc to do so, follow the instructions below to get it done.


After getting the app from any of the admins, download an android emulator, we would recommend using Memu play play because it is one of the best android emulator for your pc.
Download Memu play play from below.
Transfer the the app to your pc from your phone.
Launch the Memu play play app on your pc and set it up.
Navigate to the folder you transferred the Hacked DSTV app to and launch it from there.
Configure it with the instructions given to you by the Admin.
Choose your favourite channel and enjoy your view.
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How to watch DSTV free on iOS device
You can also run this app on your ios device also but you will need an android emulator too and a pc, just follow the steps below to get it done easily.

First you will need to download an app called cydia impactor to your pc, you can search the Web to download a compatible version for your pc.
Now get the DSTV app from any of our admins on the telegram channel.
After that save the app to your device.
Now connect your to the pc and select your device.
Navigate to the directory you saved the DSTV app to and drag to the cydia impactor app.
The app might prompt you to for your apple id, provide it to the app to hide Hacked DSTV app from the device server.
Install the app on you device and go to setting>General>Profiles>Android Device Manager and select the app.
Ensure that you enable trust of the app for the device.
Set up the app with the instructions provided to you by the Admins.
Select your favourite channel and enjoy the app on your ios device.
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How To Make The Dstv Hacked App Work
Once you’ve gotten the app and the tools from any of the alitech blog admin follow below steps to get the dstv hacked or hack app work for you.

Install the app on your device and click on settings.Dstv hacked
Create a profile by clicking on the default profile.Dstv hack
After that locate the STB profile and input the following address provided to you.Dstv app mac address
Now go back and click on the option portal settings.
Now select the option portal url and input the link alitech blog provides to you.
After that go back and edit your profile name to anything you like.
Then in the ok button.
What else is to go to the app main menu bar and click on the three dot button.How to watch dstv free
Locate your submenu called profile and select the profile you just created.Dstv hacked app profile
Finally wait for it to load and select any station you like.
It ranges from any country you belong to to how you will be provided with stations.

There is also a video guide that explains everything about how you can get the app to work for you if you are opportuned to get the app and this process will make the app work for all devices both android, iOS and Pc device.



Task to complete before getting the DSTV app.
The task to complete are as follows.

A token fee of ₦1000 for the app and the instruction to use the app. Payment are to be made only to the Admin, do not fall for anyone Claiming to have the app for sell, you will fall for scams!! OR
Invitation of at least 20 of your friends to join the telegram channel, this seems to be quite an easy task for anybody that won’t be able to afford the 1k fee, just easily , invite 20 or more of your friends to the channel and the app is all yours.(sent screenshot proof of invitation proof that they have join the channel, send it to any of the admins for confirmation before proceeding)
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We believe you should know that it is not our intention to attach a price to this app, we were forced to come to this conclusion due to the fact that some people are using the our platform to their advantage and selling what we offer for free to others, by you performing any of this task will also be a way to compensate our work and also push us to do more for you. Please be considerate and support us while we provide you with the best.

Download DSTV hacked app
Click below to go to our telegram channel, follow instructions above to get the app from our telegram channel.


Download Memu play app below.


Do you have any complaints or other requests?, let us know via the comments section below,we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Do ensure to subscribe to our telegram channel for more latest freebies update and latest technology trends.

Video Guide On How To Make The Dstv Hacked App Works

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