How Wooden Flooring Contractors Can Securely Undertake Bigger Projects With Incredible Results

The benefit and the challenge of being a Commercial Flooring Installers amount to the same thing. Keeping your operation small means minimal overheads and flexibility with the kind of jobs you do. But it also limits the kind of projects you take on. You effectively place your own ‘glass ceiling’ on the scale of work and how much revenue you can bring in.


The nature of flooring installation means it has generally been a two person job or a time consuming and labor intensive task for one person.


This dilemma for solo or small scale Commercial Flooring Contractors motivated a contractor in Birmingham USA to develop a ground breaking tool that’s now taking the world by storm. The QuikBrace™ is a solo operation tool that makes the process of laying wood flooring a single person job.


The implications for labor costs and earning potential are significant. Put simply, if you have a tool that does the work of one person, you can quote for jobs you normally wouldn’t have considered. This could mean either more jobs for you – that you can manage alone and so have no extra labor costs. Or it allows you to take on bigger projects, knowing two people can achieve the same results as what would usually require four. The QuikBrace™ is so reasonably priced you could easily invest in two, or simply work with another Commercial Flooring Installers who also has one.


What about the quality? This is another thing that makes the QuikBrace™ so attractive. It’s basically a superior form of clamping that ensures quite outstanding consistency and quality. The tool anchors quickly and easily to the sub-floor with a heavy duty spike. There is no manual winding as with regular floor clamps. QuikBrace™ then operates via constantly applied air pressure. This requires no physical effort from the operator – so you can work more easily and for longer periods. Because the air pressure is regulated there is no chance of over clamping the floorboards.


What’s the most difficult part of laying wooden floors? It has to be finishing off the last boards, trying to get nail guns into small and hard to reach places. This problem is eliminated with the QuikBrace™ as it holds wedges firmly in place. You can get those last boards in, right to the edge of any room, against any surface, without having to resort to messy top nailing.


It’s not very often that a Commercial Flooring Installers tool comes along we can really call revolutionary. The QuikBrace™ fits this description. As a solo contractor, purchasing one of these tools will radically change the way you work and how much work you can take on. If you’re a perfectionist – like many in this field are – the results you’ll get with this tool will meet, and possible exceed, your own high standard.


QuikBrace™ looks set to become a standard tool in every wood flooring contractor’s kit. The price is reasonable, the labor savings are huge and the results are pure quality.

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