If you Don’t Want to Die, Stop Making Calls in Any of These 5 Places

If you Don’t Want to Die, Stop Making Calls in Any of These 5 Places

With the development of telephones, many things changed, the world became more developed as communication became faster, easier and more reliable. It made life more comfortable.

However, everything in this world that has an advantage also has a disadvantage. With the various advantages of the telephone, there are also risks associated with owning one. This is because there are certain places you should not attempt going with your telephone, if you truly love your life. Some of such places are

1. Never make calls in a gas station

Making a phone call in a gas station is one of the most dangerous things to ever do. Gas vapours can easily catch fire if exposed to radio waves from phones. So if you make calls in a gas station, you stand the risk of explosion.

2. Stop making calls while lighting your gas cooker

This is one of the major causes of explosion in most Nigerian homes. Making calls while lighting the gas cooker is one of the most dangerous things to do. Just like in the gas station, if the radio waves of your phone are exposed to the gas vapour, it can cause massive explosion.

3. Don’t make calls while driving

When a person is driving, he needs concentration and focus. So answering a phone call or calling someone while driving is very risky. It is one of the major reasons of road accidents.

4. Stop using your phone while refilling your generator set

Once you start refilling your generator set, keep your phones away. This is because if you answer any phone call at that moment, it can cause major explosion that might even take your life.

5. Don’t use you Phone in the filling station

In most filling stations, it is clearly written that all phone should not be used. This is because of the consequences of answering a phone call near a fuel pump. So if you love your life, stop answering phone calls in the filling station.

Phones have advantages but if you don’t follow certain rules while using it, you might even regret ever having a cellphone.

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