If You Still Sleep With Your Phone Around You At Night, Then You Have To Beware of These Dangers

If You Still Sleep With Your Phone Around You At Night, Then You Have To Beware of These Dangers

A Phone is a gadget that is owned by a lot of people in the world today because of how it has made communication easy and fast. It would be difficult to find a country where phones are not being used by people who live there. This particular gadget has been produced in a way that made it easy to be carried around without other members of the public noticing. The importance of phones cannot be overemphasized as there are countless benefits of this gadget.

However, the portability and mobility of phones have made people take them virtually everywhere they go. There are people who carry their phones into their bathrooms and even into the toilet because of how easy it is to handle. At the end of the day, most people end up sleeping with their phones very close to them, or under their pillow, with some even placing the phone on their chest while sleeping.

This is a very dangerous habit that is being practiced by people who operate their phones while lying on their beds at night. They can give certain reasons why they do that, like; easy access when a call comes in, or when they want to make an important call, but this is a habit that is detrimental to the human health.


The Dangers

Harmful Radiation

Most of the recently developed phones are known to discharge radiations that are harmful to the body. These harmful radiations are called radio frequency energy, and some scientists have concluded that these radiations can increase the risk of brain cancer.

Fire Risks

There have been several reports of beds and Pillows catching fire, and even cases of people getting some degree of burns because of their carelessness with phones. Most of the people who operate their phones while lying on their beds usually have them plugged in a socket to charge.

This is a very dangerous act as most of these people sleep off while operating the phone. Research from the US Fire Department shows that 53% of youths and teenagers charge their phones on bed or beneath their pillows. While phones are under the pillow there is no chance for the heat in the phone to dispel hence making the pillow or bed catch fire.

There are also people who sleep off and roll over their phones. This can lead to an electric shock while the phones are still plugged to the socket. Other risks associated with sleeping with your phones very close to you is that the harmful radiations from the phone can affect some functions in the body, especially in the production of hormones that are needed for normal activities.

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