If your phone battery doesn’t last long, then you have to read this

If your phone battery doesn’t last long, then you have to read this

Hello readers, i am writing this article purposely to educate people how their battery runs down easily and how they can stop it.

Some people buy new phone and end up regretting because the battery of the phone does not last up to expected. Now, you know how it feels to have a new phone with a strong battery yet it doesn’t still last for you. Many people use their phone for so many business activities and won’t like to draw back in the updates just because of a dead battery.

Please what am about to say now isn’t applicable for those their battery is already dead, i mean those batteries that are already weak.

First, these are the things that makes your strong battery weak.

1. Using your phone while charging: Many people don’t allow their phone to charge and bring it out for use. They will just go to the charging place of the phone and start using it. They can even be doing something that will heat up the phone. So, if you have newly started doing this with your phone, then i will advise you to stop it. Phone is made to be in use when it is not charging.

2. Using your phone in a heated area: Some people might be doing this but won’t see it as anything. When you use your phone it’s temperature becomes hot, so why adding an external heat to it. You can notice that phone being used where there is hot temperature or like under the sun don’t last longer. Phone is meant to be used in a cool environment. So that the inner temperature can be cooling down.

3. Over charging your phone: I know some people might have over looked this, but some are fond of it. You don’t allow your phone to be charging while it is already 100 percent. It isn’t good for the health of your battery. I can tell you that once you start treating your phone this way, the health of the battery drops.

4. Using too much apps: Some people use apps without clearing the background after use. If you want to make your battery last longer, after using many apps, just go over to background apps and clear it. When there is an open app in the background of your phone. It uses your battery without your consent.

These are the things that will surely kill your battery, then let’s move over to how we can stop this and extend our battery life.

First of all, you have to download this app “phone master“, just go to your play store search for this app and download it. This particular app will help you to clean junks, close the apps that are draining your battery at the moment. Especially cleaning junks. When there are too many junks in your phone it makes your phone to be heating too much and this in particular drains your battery so fast.

Secondly, you have to form the habit of removing unwanted apps from your phone and also the habit of removing used apps from the background. If you are doing this regularly it can still help your phone battery to last longer.

Note: This is not applicable to people that have weak battery in their phone.

That’s what i have gotten for you guys, just follow the tips above and the ones below to help your battery life.

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