Impacts of COVID on Educational System



In a pandemic, the global lockdown of education institutes or organizations is going to cause a major disturbance in students’ learning. Students were enhancing their skills and grooming by going to schools before the COVID. Each and everything students have learned from their educational institutes is now helping them to grow more and more. On the other hand, lockdown becomes the biggest opportunity for some people. The people who have babies, people who are doing their jobs, and people who have gone back to their homeland are the ones who consider lockdown as a good opportunity because they can take classes online at any place while doing other work. 


Interruption of Learning and Development.

Development and learning become disrupted for millions of students who actually wanted to grow or learn new things. The outbreak of the virus has influenced almost everything, partially changing the ordinary segment life of every learner/student. Students need to learn things from some technical machines and computers, and they don’t have any access to that because of the lockdown. Many students missed this chance and good opportunity of a job in the market at the same time


Promote Online Learning

Online learning services are the most effective tool in keeping student retention. Some universities totally ban their campus classes and start promoting online classes. Does not matter if it is a private sector of education or government. All institutes are not allowed to open for campus classes for the sake of health. There are both good and bad impacts of online learning system

In online learning, students got more chances to score better than ever before because students can take help from others and from the internet as well. This practice actually makes all the students carefree about the academic syllabus. 

The good impact of online learning is people start researching, which helps them to gain more knowledge and develop the habit of reading text. Many people feel it is difficult to commute from one city to another just for the sake of learning from good institutes. Those people got an opportunity to learn education from the same institute by staying with their family members. The expense of notes and book become so less while learning online. Military friendly online colleges provide links to the students so that they can get all the access to books and notes on one platform. 


Financial issues 

When students were taking classes on campus and avail all the institutes’ facilities then they loved to pay the full amount of fee which was asked for. But, when they shifted to an online learning system they were getting zero facilities from the institute. The main concern is raised here that in the time of pandemic where everyone is not earning well, fewer job opportunities are given to everybody then how can they pay the full fee? This impacts very badly on the community because they are paying for something which was not accessible. 

The government needs to see this issue because it is a basic issue that every student and parent is facing now. 

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