In other to Save Your Life, Never You Try These 5 Things With Your Gas Cylinder

In other to Save Your Life, Never You Try These 5 Things With Your Gas Cylinder

In Nigeria, Hundreds of People have been victims of Gas cylinder explosion. Many people have sustained injuries due to the tragedy that came from Gas cylinder. It is Best for us to take propel caution while using our gas cylinder. Our life should be our main priority and we have to do all our best in making sure it is preserved.

The maker of these gas cylinders has made things as safe as possible and left the right guild on how to store these cylinders while they are full, but no matter how dangerous the gas is, it has saved many lives or lives. a lot of help. in different ways.

Many users of gas cookers ignore the warning about using gas because they feel safe considering the hardness of the cylinder and the burner, but there is a risk of error.

The five things you need to throw away risk your life

1. Gas cylinder overflow:

The reason you don’t feel like your gas cylinder is full size is because gases expand, they can expand due to their nature, and you need to fill it until ‘there are at least 85 people, it’s not really for the user. made only for the people responsible for filling the bottle, usually the gas station places its equipment in the form where it only refills your gasoline.

Ordinary users don’t mind having their cylinders filled to the brim because they think it’s good for them.

2. Do not shake the gas cylinder, especially if you turn it on:

A lot of people shake the rest of the gas in the cylinder, and shaking your tank hard can cause heat inside and explode on you.

Don’t even try if it works.

3. Put the cylinder in the house:

Most people run the risk of keeping gas cylinders indoors despite warnings. It is very wrong to store a gas cylinder at home – the reason is that liquefied gas is partly dangerous if it is spilled in the room. In other words, in the event of an imperceptible leak, the slightest fire can cause an explosion.

It is best to keep the cylinders away from the apartment and out of direct sunlight, fuel and fuel.

3. Make sure the rubber tubes are there;

These somewhat neglected rubber tubes, found directly in the gas cylinder hole, are both deadly and ineffective – so these rubbers act as additional blockages due to gas leaks. This means that without these rubbers your cylinder can leak (if you have a faulty valve), and if the leak goes unnoticed it can cause an explosion due to some kind of fire ignition.

4. Always hold the gas cylinder vertically:

To ensure proper operation of the pressure relief valve, always keep the gas cylinder in a vertical position so that when the cylinder is placed in a position other than the vertical position, CIS liquid may escape from the open valve. and create a dangerous situation.

It is recommended to keep the cylinders vertical and secure them with a chain (or other mounting equipment).

5. Flame control


A lot of us like to turn up the burner along this one and it can be dangerous to try to use the volume a bit and avoid the red part as shown in the image above.

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