Innovation facilitates better use of drones in China

Innovation facilitates better use of drones in China


A breathtaking robot light show organized over the Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City in Sanya, China’s southernmost territory of Hainan to commend the five-day Labor Day occasion has brought watchers a fresh-out-of-the-box new tangible experience.

During the show, 500 drones amazed the crowd with various developments, incorporating a farmer working in the fields and a sea-diver putting in corals on the seabed.

The drones that were displayed at the show were guided by a group from EFY Intelligent Control (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. situated in north China’s Tianjin district.

“These drones, which include consumer drones and those for aerial photography, mapping and plant protection, are all independently developed by our team,” Qi Juntong, founder of the company, told People’s Daily, pointing at several hundred drones of different sizes, including one-meter-long and palm-sized ones, that lined up in a plant of the company.

Qi revealed that in comparison with the improvement of a solitary robot, his group focuses harder on independent control innovations for savvy drone swarms, particularly flight control consistency for keeping away from impacts of drones in various directions.

To guarantee that robots can organize yet don’t slow down one another, Qi and his group constructed a coordinated and wise flight test framework for drones subsequent to beating an enormous number of mechanical issues. The framework guarantees the mistake in drone swarm control is kept within centimeters.

“We have made all-out efforts to seek breakthroughs in autonomous control technologies for intelligent drone swarms, which have been widely used in such fields as patrol inspection, security, logistics, and transportation,” Qi said.

The previous summer, EFY’s group took the crown on a singular occasion of a significant level robot swarm framework contest. As per the head of the group, for a robot multitude to win the opposition, it should have the option to fly, distinguish, and find a few moving vehicles, and follow them at short proximity in light of the changing numbers on them independently.

By laying out a flying impromptu network and utilizing cameras, man-made brainpower calculations, and smart dynamic calculations, the group figured out how to empower its robot multitude to acknowledge the entire cycle of consistent tracking of the vehicles.

“Scientific research achievements need to be tested in the market. If they are not well received in the market, it will be difficult to realize the commercialization of innovation outcomes,” Qi said, adding that the company has applied for 257 drone-related patents.

Drone swarm execution is one of the most natural ways for the overall population to comprehend the use of robot swarm control advancements, which is the reason he established EFY in 2015 to place innovative ideas into business use like robot swarm execution, as per Qi.

Drone swarm execution is the initial phase in acknowledging the complex utilization of robot swarm control advancements. Last year, EFY held 277 robot shows with 168,730 effective departures and arrivals.

“Our company manufactured about 10,000 drones of various types in 2021, and our overall operating income realized a threefold increase from the previous year,” said Guo Jing, deputy general manager of the company.

“We are lucky to live in the best of times,” Qi said, explaining that governments at all levels in China have given high priority to innovative development, allowing the company to focus on technology breakthroughs, market explorations, and rapid expansion.

When EFY was recently established, it needed to share an office with another organization, as per Qi, who revealed that now EFY has moved into its new premises with an area of more than 10,000 square meters and turned into a public high-end enterprise. The organization’s quick advancement surpassed his assumptions, Qi added.

EFY is situated in Tianjin Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park, which was previously overwhelmed by businesses including synthetic businesses. Presently the science park is home to more than 40 endeavors in the robot business and different enterprises including wise hardware and has been moved up to a modern park for savvy automated gear.

“From simply providing office space to offering services and then to concentrating efforts on cultivating an innovation ecosystem, our science park has evolved into its 3.0 version,” said an executive of the science park.

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