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Insanity is a 60-day program. You begin with a fit test so that you can track your progress. You will repeat this test every 2 weeks. The first four weeks are the “intro” workouts which last about 40 minutes. They are tough, particularly if you have never worked out with any intensity before. But they are also very fun.

During the first few workouts, I found myself taking all sorts of breaks wondering how on earth I was going to be able to finish any of them. But as time went by, I was getting fitter and I was able to little by little stop less and less until I was able to do the whole thing from start to finish.

After these first 4 weeks, you do a Recovery Week which involves repeating the same workout for 6 days to get your muscles to recover and get ready for the following 4 weeks or Phase 2.

In Phase 2 of Insanity Calendar, the workouts are longer. On average 55 minutes. They are all circuits and they are even harder. In all honesty, the only thing that kept me going through these is the fact that I was burning fat like crazy, otherwise, I would’ve quit.

So, After these 63 days of “hell”, I went from 244 lbs down to 218 lbs. I had to go buy new pants because I went from a size 40 down to a size 34. Plus, all the other health benefits related to not being so fat.


Insanity Results – Does Insanity Work?

The Insanity Workout is an intense total body conditioning exercise routine that’s designed to give you Insanity Results in 60 days. This workout is based on high-intensity interval training and what it does is get you to work out hard for a short period, followed by a short rest. Repeat this for some cycles and you’ll be gasping for air, drenched in sweat but also having burned a lot of calories in the process.

Insanity is supposed to be the most intense workout ever put on DVD. And when I say intense I mean it!

In the course of a few of the workouts, you’ll burn over 1,000 calories from fat. With that sort of calorie burn-off, you realize that the exercises have to be intense and hard and that you will get impressive results in the event you don’t give up! Sadly, a lot of people do.

The fitness trainer that created this workout is Shaun Thompson, aka Shaun T. He based this training program on several years of study plus his collegiate track and field training.

The method that he uses in Insanity is known as “Max Interval Training” and this is what will bring those impressive Insanity Results Usually in interval exercises, you might be training, in short, high-intensity intervals…Well, Insanity flips it the other way: so you are performing maximum high-intensity activities with short stretches of rest. It’s a technique that works well and that will give you awesome insanity results:


  • Workout Hard for A Short-period (35-55 minutes)
  • Burn close to 1000 calories each workout
  • Workouts are intense, but also a lot of fun
  • These workouts do not require any special equipment such as dumbbells, treadmills, elliptical machines, etc.




Something that I LOVE about Insanity is that the only equipment you make use of will be your body weight. That means:

You don’t have to go out and get equipment

You don’t need to get a place in your home to keep any dumbbells, treadmills, or any other piece of equipment and it makes it easy to get your exercises finished anywhere you are.

For example, I was forced to go out of town suddenly during my 2nd four-week period of Insanity, and I just used a laptop to do the exercises in the hotel room. I had to move one table to the side to make a little more room, but that was it!



One thing that I need to point out is that Insanity isn’t a program for beginners. For anyone who is thinking between doing Insanity and P90X, don’t. Do P90X or Power 90 first and then jump into Insanity. Unless of course, you already are pretty fit or are determined to stick to Insanity.

I wanted to get some insane insanity results, nevertheless, the greatest goal personally, is that I wanted to finish the program. You know now, this is an extremely strenuous program that is focused entirely on cardio exercise. Cardio exercises have been my weakness all of my life. I needed a fitness program that would challenge that weakness at once and I thought Insanity would certainly accomplish the same goal.



So, for me, just finishing Insanity would have been an enormous accomplishment. Also, previous to doing Insanity I did 2 rounds of P90X. Following the 2 rounds of P90X, I was toned and in the best shape of my entire life. Right after my 2nd round, I didn’t do any structured training and that was a big mistake! I wound up going a few months of not being on a program. I would do exercise sessions occasionally, but I truly was not working out like I ought to. I took a step backward, but I still was following a nutritious diet plan and so I didn’t go completely back to my old ways.

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