Instagram removes its IGTV icon: “Almost no one used it”

You may like it more or less, but you have to admit that Instagram is one of the great social networks today, not to mention

You may like it more or less, but you have to admit that Instagram is one of the great social networks today, not to mention that it is the main one for many users

Therefore, all the changes we can see in it matter greatly to us, even the most discreet ones. For more than a year, in the application we found a new section, the one of IGTV or Instagram TV , a service that tried to make competition to YouTube , but pointing to the vertical video, because it is the way in which almost all of us use our smartphone .

This service had a dedicated application for him, but we also saw how Instragram included an icon at the top of his application so that we could access easily. 

The point is that we constantly saw how that icon showed us a notification , to capture our attention to the new content of this platform, even when it was not from the accounts we followed. This is over, because Instagram has removed the button dedicated to IGTV.

Almost no one accesses IGTV voluntarily

The truth is that we saw IGTV potential at the time. This new platform gave importance to vertical video, which on YouTube almost does not exist and / or has a very poor quality, as it is a more comfortable format for when we use our smartphone on the street, public transport, etc. We can hold it more firmly.

 The truth is that it soon fell into oblivion and there was no reason to encourage the creation of content for IGTV. 

To try to stop that, perhaps they made the worst decision: adopt content horizontally , thus renouncing its principles.


Instagram IGTV button

Old interface VS New interface

Following the history of IGTV, in February of last year the videos of the platform began to appear in the main application feed and this has completely ended with IGTV as an alternative service. From The Verge we have been able to realize how Instagram has removed the IGTV icon on its main screen , so now the only way to enter the service is from one of the videos of the feed or from its specific application.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free

The reason seems to be quite simple: “Almost no one used that button to access IGTV . ” People accessed in any case from the recommended videos of their feed.

 If we combine this with the inconvenience caused by having an almost permanent notification icon for content that even moved away from your interests, the button was more annoying than practical.

 Therefore, this change will please many, although in a way it is one of the signs of Instagram’s defeat in the face of YouTube, since its own video service has failed to stand up, even being of the most popular current social network.

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