Instagram Video Length – How Long Should They Be?

Instagram Video Length – How Long Should They Be?

Instagram is one of the most widely used social networking apps in the world. By just creating an Instagram account, people may submit videos directly from their cell phones. Users will be able to upload files to their profiles, which will be viewable to guests or the whole public, depending on their privacy settings. To take advantage of this useful feature people use to buy UK Instagram followers and share engaging videos content. However, because Instagram allows for varied video durations, figuring out how to post videos might be difficult. There is a distinct time restriction for each video genre. All of those video kinds will be covered in this article, including Instagram feed and story videos, IG Live and IGTV, Instagram reels, and more.

 Feed video for Instagram

The duration of an Instagram Feed video ranges from 3 to 60 seconds. If you wish to share a video on your main Instagram profile, commonly known as your Instagram feed, it must be under one minute long. If you have a lengthier tale to share, break it up into one-minute halves. Simply choose your movie and click “Next,” then touch “Trim,” then hold and drag the video to the time you want to utilize in your handle. If you still have time remaining in the 1-minute constraint, you can move the handle to crop left or right.

An Instagram Feed video might last anywhere between three and sixty seconds. A video that you want to upload on your main Instagram profile, also known as your Instagram feed, must be under one-minute length. Break up a longer story into one-minute halves if you have one.

Story Video for Instagram

A maximum of four hours can be spent watching an Instagram Live video.  This is a recent revision to the previous video duration limit of 60 minutes. “This might assist folks like teachers who have to pivot to virtual classrooms, aspiring musicians, artists, or activists conducting dialogues with other peers communicate with their audience without being interrupted by a 60-minute time restriction,” according to Instagram.

  • If you’re uploading from your phone, your IGTV video might be anything from one minute to fifteen minutes long.
  • When you upload from your computer, the time restriction is increased to 60 minutes.
  • The duration of an IG Reel can range from 15 to 30 seconds. The global rollout might take some time. By default, reels are 15 seconds long.

Live video for Instagram

You may use separate story cards if you want to display your ad on an Instagram story. Each card may display a 15-second movie or a single 5-second picture ad. Only the first three cards of a complete ad will display in the Instagram story stream. After that, after touching on the ad, the viewer must select whether or not to see more.

Videos on the Instagram feed (also known as your main Instagram profile) are restricted to 1 minute or 60 seconds. You can submit a video that is longer than one minute, but you must choose a one-minute segment. You may also trim your movie to a selection of fewer than 60 seconds by dragging the handles to the right or left.

Reels on Instagram

There is a technique to get past Instagram’s maximum video length limit if you want to show more than one minute of video in a post! People who want to stick their audience with their account especially when they buy UK Instagram followers. They can easily create a carousel post to do this. You may publish up to ten photographs or videos in a single carousel post, which visitors can swipe through. If you have a video that is longer than one minute, break it up into individual segments that are each no more than one minute long. You should be able to accomplish this by editing the video in the camera roll on your phone and saving each segment as a separate clip.

Cut Story or Initialize are two programs that might help you with this. Use an Animoto template that you may customize. Animoto makes it simple to make vertical movies for Instagram Stories for free. To entice your fans back to your Feed for new material, use our New Post Teaser template.


Instagram, on the other hand, isn’t only for photos; it also allows users to upload videos, allowing them to share even more of their life with their followers. If you’ve never uploaded a video to Instagram before or are simply wondering about the feature’s limits, you might be interested to know how lengthy the films you upload can be. The solution is a little more complicated. In general, it depends on where you post your videos on Instagram’s platform.

We hope that this article has clarified any uncertainty regarding the Instagram video length constraints and has assisted you in better planning your content strategy. If you wish to submit a video to your Instagram account’s feed, i.e. have it appear on your profile like a normal photo, you should upload (or record) a video that is shorter than 60 seconds long.

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