Install iPhone wallpapers and ringtones for Android smartphones

You are an Android smartphone user , but you like the wallpapers and dzwonki na telefon of “Apple” products. So how to change them quickly and conveniently? Let’s refer to the article below to get the answer with Dzwoneknatelefon!

1. App Introduction

To easily download and use wallpapers and ringtones from Apple, we can download the ZEDGE application. This application is owning an extremely impressive number of downloads, up to more than 7,000,000 times and this number is constantly increasing.

2. Installation instructions

Step 1: Access the CH Play app store on your device. Click search keyword ZEDGE.

Step 2: Open the application, let the application device access some necessary items on the device.

Step 3: Select the category of Wallpapers (wallpapers).

Step 4: Click the Search box (magnifying glass) and search with the keyword iPhone.

There are now more than 7000 different images related to this keyword, including original wallpapers and custom images. A plus point on this application is that users do not need to download the wallpaper to their device, but can install it directly on the application extremely quickly.

Step 5: For the ringtone setting operation, it is done similarly to the wallpaper section, we just need to select the Ringtones category. In the search section use the keyword iPhone.

The application will suggest a series of ringtones from the iPhone 2 generation to iPhone X for users to freely choose. In addition, ZEDGE also provides a number of remixes and remixes to create unique and impressive features for users. We can click listen and select Set to quickly install the ringtone without having to download it.

Above are the basic steps to help you easily install as well as change the iPhone wallpaper and ringtone on Android smartphone devices. We hope that the above article has brought you interesting and useful information.

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