Installation of XGIMI Ceiling Mount


After browsing the Internet up and down, choose a suitable XGIMI projector , think about where it will be located. We wrote a review about the  floor stand for the brand’s products. It is suitable for many tasks, but if you want to equip a full-fledged home theater, then it is better to place the gadget under the ceiling in order to get as close as possible to real film screenings. And the XGIMI Ceiling Mount will help with this .


Who is XGIMI

It is pleasant to talk about the young Chinese brand, it is good from all sides: the team has ambitious goals, excellent developers, professional partners in the technical part. They annually take away awards from RedDot and CES for their products.

In 2019, XGIMI made a big splash with its portable projectors. The heaviest of them weighs about 1.6 kg, and under the case are powerful processors and sound technologies that are used in expensive cars and high-quality laptops.

To give the user the freedom to place the new gadget, XGIMI has created a number of stands for their devices: floor-standing, ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted and a  small tripod for the table . This article is devoted to a model for hanging a projector over the heads of viewers.


XGIMI Ceiling Mount

In the user’s box they are waiting for:

  • Consists of a platform, two tubes of 10 cm and one – 20 cm
  • Plastic dowels in the amount of 4 pieces
  • Hexagon
  • Instructions

The design is modular, the owner has a range of distances from 20 to 40 cm from the ceiling. In addition, the head itself bends up to 10 degrees. This little addition, combined with the skills of the projectors, the automatic keystone adjustment, will help the user to create the perfect, even image without overstretched corners.

The main working parts are made of aluminum, for the platform they did not spare stainless steel and slightly spiced the structure with ABS plastic.

The device is primarily suitable for Z3 and Z6, CC and Aurora, H1 and H2 projectors. The tripod thread is standard 1/4, then other XGIMI models are also suspended.


Making a home theater XGIMI Ceiling Mount

The latest gadgets from the brand are equipped with 2 speakers and a subwoofer from Harman Kardon, which is enough for watching a movie. The projector is also used as a smart speaker, looking for your favorite tracks and listening to them on the fly.

But, if you dream of showing as close as possible to a real cinema, then you need a little more equipment. We even found a small instruction for this case:

In the picture, we see the classic sound placement for creating Dolby Surround. The scheme is scalable, so it is suitable for a modest apartment or a huge cinema hall with 200+ seats. What is shown here:

  1. The sofa opposite which is the screen.
  2. Frontal sound systems, they are located at an angle of 22-30 degrees in relation to the viewer.
  3. Central channel.
  4. A charming and wonderful subwoofer for low frequencies.
  5. Rear or rear sound sources, they are directed at an angle of 110-120 degrees in relation to the viewer.

Since the image goes through the projector, which hangs from the ceiling, it is worthwhile to think in advance about an outlet in the nearest access. Especially lucky people who have suspended ceilings at home. Then you will be able to move one of the platforms and supply power so that the unit does not hang like a limp weight next to the apparatus. Although this problem is not so terrible, since the  MoGo and  Halo have a built-in battery, which lasts for 4 hours of battery life. This is a full-fledged show of “Gone with the Wind” or several parts of “The Avengers”.


Thinking of equipping a home theater? Then you should buy the XGIMI Ceiling Mount and projector ceiling mount form the ABIS Electronics. A reliable and stylish device for creating a modern, beautiful and functional place to watch videos, movies or play games with friends.


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