iPhone And Android, which is better.

iPhone And Android, which is better.  A million ways exist to classify phones in this modern generation but the OS still remains the

iPhone And Android, which is better.

A million ways exist to classify phones in this modern generation but the OS still remains the generally accepted basis for separation. In this classification, the types of phones available are divided into 2 major types, the iPhones and the Android phones.

While the iPhone is a line of phones made by just one company (Apple), Android is an umbrella term used to refer to all the phones developed under the Android software alliance and which primarily utilizes the Android OS.

As the biggest types of phones available to the public there’s a strong sense of rivalry between these two with the crux of the matter coming down to which of them is the better phone.

To answer the question, here are 6 key factors and how both sides compare against one another in those areas.

  1. Camera

In the digital world we live in, the first thing anyone want to know about your phone is the camera capacity.

Reputable sites like enGadget and GSMArena consider some top shelf android phones to have a better camera than the best iPhone currently available but on average the iPhones have better cameras tan their grade equivalent android phones.

Verdict: iPhone

  1. Battery

iew pictures in App save up to 80% data.

This one is a bit straightforward, as Android phones generally beats iPhones when it comes to battery life.

Verdict: Android

  1. User Interaction

It’s ironic to note that when iPhone was first launched over a decade ago, the ease of interaction was one of it’s biggest selling point. Back then, the iPhones Linux Os were a massive upgrade on the Java systems in terms of simplicity and for years the iPhone maintained their simplistic interface to great success. However, Android phones have steadily caught up with them, gradually simplifying their inteeface over the years and can now be considered equal and even better than the iPhone. They offer more control and have the added benefit of being more open in terms of data management.


Verdict: Android

  1. Security and Updates

That benefit becomes a problem here as the chances of getting a virus into your phone is much higher for Android phones (which are more open to unsecured data transfer) as opposed to the iPhone. Also, Apple ensures that all iPhone users get an upgrade once it’s available as opposed to android users, where it’s up to the independent manufacturers to determine whether you get one or not.

Verdict: iPhone

  1. Enhancements

With the iPad, iWatch, iMac and Kindle all available as additional enhancement it’s safe to say iPhobes have this area covered. Despite that, it’s the Airpod that seals the deal because while the others can subsist alone, the Air pods are meant exclusively for the phone. No chance for Android phones here.

Verdict: iPhone

  1. Cost and Accessibility

The wider range of phones that run on the Android OS means you can get an Android phone at whatever cost while the iPhones usually fall within a set range (which isn’t exactly cheap), so android here.

Verdict: Android

Final Verdict: both type of phones are great in their own way and there’s good enough reason to call it a tie; however, in tight comparisons like this the smallest factor can swing the pendulum in one sides favor and such is the case here. I believe that the psychological effect of using an iPhone and the subsequent resale value makes iPhone a better option than Android phones.

Thanks for reading. Please bear in mind that the aim of this comparison is to get your opinion, the verdict is just one vote, so drop your view in the comments and let’s settle this matter once and for all.

[Picture Credit: Instagram, Gsm Arena, gadgets for you, CNET, Engadget]

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