Is it possible to improve mental health by taking cannabis?


In the past few years, mental illness has been at a high rate among people. Workload, tight schedule, loneliness, and other such factors, has increased the trauma in the mind of people. While struggling with these challenges, there has been an increase in mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

To cope with these mental health issues, patients are using cannabis. The cannabis dispensary shows the highest sales of cannabis since last year. Moreover, the study shows an average of 91% increase in the use of cannabis by medical cannabis users from the past two years. Read about Mental Health

However, the study wasn’t able to highlight that cannabis can improve patients’ mental health conditions. At the same time, many cannabis users report that their mental health condition has benefited from using cannabis. The study was still inconclusive, whether the use of cannabis has had a positive or negative impact in the long run.

Nowadays, there is an increase in the trend of its use and cannabis dispensary Toronto is witnessing an increase in its sales. Everyone is boasting about the positive mental health issues after using cannabis, from celebrities to neighbours. But does cannabis improve your mental health?

Know about cannabis

Cannabis is an illegal or addictive drug made from the cannabis plant. Due to its exceptional qualities, it has gained a lot of attention. You can either eat or smoke cannabis. It has been used for recreational and entheogen purposes.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are psychoactive components of cannabis that have been used for mental health treatment for centuries. It is a widely used illegal drug that is used for relieving mental pain or physical symptoms.

Therapeutic effects of cannabis on mental health

The interest of the consumer in using cannabis is increasing with time. In the past few years, the use of cannabis is rising sharply, especially for the treatment of mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

Most of the time, consumers use cannabis because they want to feel different or experience a new change in their lives. According to a study, the active ingredient of cannabis like THC and CBD does have a positive effect on mental health. Cannabis gives the user a peaceful and sound state of mind.

Many studies suggest that the use of cannabis sharpens cognitive abilities. Cannabis active therapeutic compounds TCH and CBD act as therapeutic medicine and help in regaining your mental health.  For those suffering from mental illnesses like seizures, anxiety, and depression, the daily use of cannabis will make them feel better. You can efficiently deal with panic attacks better than ever before.

While the research is ongoing, it has been found that cannabis has an antipsychotic effect on the brain. Means cannabis has the power to maintain the proper functioning of the nervous system. And thus play a vital role in the curing of mental illness.

Is consuming cannabis as safe as we think?

But we cannot ignore the negative aspects of cannabis. The use of cannabis can also affect mental health. With your mind struggling with challenges and mental disorders, the use of cannabis will make you feel much worse.

According to research, the people who have a higher risk of developing mental illness or schizophrenia will start showing mental health disorder just after using cannabis. However, some people believe that taking cannabis will make them feel better. Unfortunately, this is for the short run; the illness may get worse in the long run.

How can you reduce the risk of harm?

For the safe use of cannabis, avoid the following things to reduce the risk of harm.

  • Use little at the weekend. Don’t overdose.
  • Seek a consultant or physician before using cannabis
  • Go for a quality product from a reputable supplier
  • Do not perform any hazardous activities like driving or operating machinery while using cannabis.
  • Avoid alcohol while using cannabis
  • Use cannabis at a safe place.

About Kedplasma

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Final words

The pros and cons of using any substance depend upon the situation, how they are used. If you are planning to have your first cannabis experience, start with small and take it occasionally. This will make it more enjoyable and lessen the risk of harm. But before that, it is essential to consult with your physician. A cannabis dispensary in Toronto has highly qualified physicians to assist you with the use and dosage of cannabis and provide you with high-quality cannabis products.


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