Is the Samsung Galaxy A21s worth buying? This is what you should know

It is likely that at some point you have come across a Samsung Galaxy A21s offer on Amazon, a physical store or a operator. This Samsung device was launched at the beginning of 2020 as an interesting and complete mid-range, although with a somewhat high price for what it offers. Today we talk about our Samsung Galaxy A21s opinions, a very popular device that is in all stores and carriers. Most likely, your operator (Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, Yoigo, etc.) has offered this Galaxy A21s And you’re wondering if it’s worth it

Is the Samsung Galaxy A21s a good buy?

This device is only a few months old and has become one of Samsung’s best-selling mobiles for 2020. It is a terminal with a simple and attractive design, with many cameras and a big screen. Of course, under this relatively attractive skin there are some things that are not as positive as you may think.

The first and most important thing is the version you choose of the terminal. It is important not to choose the base version with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. Both of these figures are very poor and can leave you with performance issues within days. Choose the Galaxy A21s 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage It is the minimum option you should buy. The bad news is that it is not the cheapest option.

Samsung has made an inexpensive terminal that does not have the most advanced components, so there are details that most users do not know and that are important. For example, it is very bad news that the device has storage eMMC 5.1. These types of chips are of poorer quality and make the device able to slow down when storage is almost full.

This type of storage, added to its processor, makes the device have a fairly modest performance. It is not a mobile to play for hours or to run games with a lot of graphic load. Yes you can play, but not everything you want. Its performance is quite fair and you should take it into account when opening applications. If you push it too hard, performance will drop and the interface and animations may slow down.

Another important detail is that it has a large screen, although with a fairly fair resolution. Your panel is 6.5 inch, but its resolution is HD +, that is, 720p. On a screen of these dimensions you will see the pixels of the panel, so it is not the best device to consume multimedia content. This is something important that you must take into account, because in the market there are several mobiles in the range of 200 euros that do have FullHD + panels.

The terminal’s camera is not bad and it will take decent photos for the price it has. Of course, you must bear in mind that the sensor principal it’s the only one worth shooting with. The rest are very small, low-quality sensors that Samsung has included to be able to say that the terminal has 4 cameras. The bad news is that this is repeated in almost all the mid-range devices on the market that are around 200 euros.

Opinions from the Samsung Galaxy A21s

The device is balanced and can be found on sale for less than 200 euros. We do not recommend your purchase if you are going to pay the total amount at once, but things may change if an operator is offering it to you. This type of device is usually much cheaper when a operator it offers it with monthly payment.

From our point of view the Samsung Galaxy A21s It is not the best device you can buy for about 200 euros, as there are much more recommended options on the market. The point here is that if your operator is offering it to you for a few euros a month, it may be a mobile that interests you. You will not have the device more powerful, but if you are an undemanding user you could have a new mobile for little money and without making a full outlay at the beginning.

The main Samsung Galaxy A21s offers

We have been taking a look and this device is sold in many stores and platforms. These are the main Galaxy A21s deals that you can find right now, including those of the main operators in Spain.

  • Samsung Galaxy A21s Amazon – 175 euros / dollars
  • Samsung Galaxy A21s in MediaMarkt – 159 euros / dollars
  • Samsung Galaxy A21s in PcComponentes – 149 euros / dollars
  • Samsung Galaxy A21s in Orange – € 3.5 per month for 24 months = 84 euros / dollars
  • Samsung Galaxy A21s on Vodafone – € 5.99 per month for 24 months = 143 euros / dollars

Without a doubt, the best offer of the device is in Orange, that you can buy it with a fairly low price if you pay it month to month along with a fee. In this case, we believe that it may be worth it, since you will pay less than 90 euros / dollars for a mid-range terminal that is not incredible, but that behaves if you do not demand too much.

What do you think of our opinions of the Samsung Galaxy A21s?

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