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In DDC123 you will find one of the funniest ways to have fun with the little ones. Teach them to color  Kawaii drawings  , they will like them very much. They are a very beautiful and amazing alternative that will immediately fascinate them and give you the opportunity to connect with them in a  pleasant and artistic way. Download  Kawai  coloring  pages for kids free at Kawaii da colorare e stampare

These drawings of Japanese origin have a wonderful story behind their creation and development, so you can interact with your children by motivating them to take an interest in  art  and the various forms of communication that exist in the world. Giving color to the Kawaii images you download is a truly complete experience that will serve as an anchor to connect the little ones of the house with other cultures.



Each culture generates its own forms of communication and social development. Throughout history it has been and still is. This makes the world full of very diverse resources and rich in language, art and any medium of expression. So much so that  the designs and their shapes  vary according to each region of the world.


Making these types of  coloring pages available to your children  invites them to meet and explore various forms of expression and also makes them develop an interest in the world around them. It is a perfect idea for your minds to fly to Japan and its costumes.

Kawaii  drawings  are so attractive and influential there are many videos and tutorials for little ones to learn how to perform them, and why not ?: If you love this Japanese art, maybe you can take a few minutes to this medium of expression and learn a simple design that you can share with your kids  coloring pages.

Kawaii  art  has  crossed Japanese borders for years with such massive and resounding success that even in other countries not only products with this style are sold, but there are also places dedicated exclusively to it. The United States, Spain, England and France, among many others, regularly hold events dedicated to this cultural trend.

Kawai coloring pages of animals and people


On our site you will find all the Kawaii images and  drawings  you are looking  for to color. You just have to  print each image  and start coloring them. These types of designs are perfect, as her style fills with life, tenderness and joy in everything she touches. It will be hard for you not to be attracted when you start looking at the pictures. Moreover, it will also be very rewarding for you, and you will appreciate the world with the asymmetries that give each of these images a particular and different beauty.

You can  paint  anything you imagine in this style of  drawing,  but with the magnificent incentive of life. Yes, from life, so many inanimate objects like fruits, vegetables and even candy come to life with this wonderful art. An image of any object with big eyes and a broad smile will make you and the smallest one in the house laugh too.


Kitchen utensils do not escape the art that  Kawaii drawings  make us enjoy  :  forks, knives, spoons, plates, glasses will come to life as soon as you pick up the pencils and markers. Even the cookie jars will smile with a life of their own. Anything you can imagine  can be found in the best style of  Kawaii art  .

These designs use a lot  of bright and vivid colors,  although they are quite close to how objects appear in reality. However,  Kawaii  is an art born of deep  creativity and love of art  , so you shouldn’t limit yourself: let your imagination blossom and give each element the color you want. No matter what tone you choose, these images fit well with everything.

Nothing better than these wonderful designs to imagine great and happy adventures. Get  inspired  , search for different images and  color them all,  create a new story with your children in the best style of  Japanese culture  You will have fun like never before with these drawings, as they will make you feel happy while  you paint them  and generate a pleasant sensation in you and those around you.

If you are a lover of color diversity,  Kawaii drawings  will not leave you in the middle; Look for them all and get ready to paint a truly colorful world full of pastel shades. Can you imagine that all things in the world had this style? Without a doubt, we would be in a brighter and more creative world. Chocolates also ran through the streets smiling.

Many would imagine such a world in a positive way; For this reason, for its magic, for its tenderness and for the joy that characterizes it, the  Kawaii style  came into the world to stay there for a long time. From that small beginning to the great culture it has become today, it hasn’t stopped stealing hearts. Just look at some pictures of these designs to be immediately captivated by their charm.

Kawaii drawings: a world full of life and tenderness

Kawaii  designs,  which would later  become a strong culture, originated in Japan in the 1960s and 1970s. Its beginnings are found mainly in stuffed animals and products that are mainly offered to very young female audiences, that is, for girls. Therefore, at that time referring to something  Kawaii  was synonymous with femininity and childhood.

Girls very much appreciated these products, which gradually made their way into the market, and began to win more and more hearts. At the beginning of the 70s,  Kawaii soft toys  and all the products designed with this peculiar art began a great expansion, so much so that in the early 80s they began to be in great demand by adult women  .

From that moment on, the growth of the  Kawaii world  became exponential and ended up reaching even the male audience. Thus it ceased to be an exclusive product for girls and began to be requested by everyone. However, it wasn’t until the iconic Hello Kitty figure appeared that this Japanese art masterfully grew and reached the whole world.

Currently, these designs are used  in animated designs  and the diversity of products around the world. But the Japanese did very well: they created a style so new and solid that it distinguished them in a unique and special way from the rest of the world. It is enough to see a  Kawaii -style image  to immediately put it in relation with this country, its customs and its culture.

This art refers to anything that generates good vibes and leaves positive feelings. The word Kawaii is translated from Japanese as cute or cuddly, and to achieve this interpretation, their designs have simple lines, big eyes (which is very traditional in all Japanese art), and they play a lot with asymmetries, enlarging them so that are more evident and surprising.

As we said, the big shiny black eyes are a fundamental feature that is never lacking in these drawings   which focus on that tenderness that infants and newborn animals evoke. For this reason the eyes and all the features of these drawings enlarge, since in this way they are able to give that feeling of  tenderness  that you want to convey through them.

Kawaii design   began dedicated to a small group of Japanese girls and ended up becoming enormously popular in such an incredible way that it became a solid culture, now recognized in Japan and around the world.

The word and style have become so popular that the term is now used to refer to clothing, food, television shows, billboards, and every other product imaginable. So let’s talk about the trend.

The term, in fact, has  spread to all areas,  and is already used to describe the way people dress, eat, live and also the behavior of a person: it is now quite common to say that someone is very  Kawaii  or not very  Kawaii . ,  and whether your home or the style of music you listen to is  Kawaii  or not. This began to spread in Japan in a masterly way and then spread around the world.

The influence of this cultural pandemic is so powerful that it has even inspired changes in the writing of young Japanese women, who have changed the way they write, add  faces and hearts  to their writing, broaden some characteristics of writing and, moreover, have stopped writing. to write in any way vertically and began to do it horizontally, as is customary in other cultures.

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