keys to boast your intelligence in understanding

keys to boast your intelligence in understanding

1. Have a foundational knowledge or background knowledge of what you are studying.

A lot of student wants to study simultaneous equation when they don’t have good knowledge of simple equation, some want to study fraction in mathematics when they do not have foundational knowledge of L.C.M. Note that every new knowledge is built on old one. Before you study something new, find out if you have the needed background knowledge on which it is built upon, or you may not comprehend what is being said.

2. Know the meaning of key words or key point of what you are studying

There is no way a student can understand what he or she is studying when they don’t know the meaning of the key words in the context of their study. Studying with the dictionary is very important, so that words you don’t understand you can check their meaning in the dictionary. This practice will boast the level of your understanding.

3. Reading line by line

Most student rush while reading. Some only read the topic or sections that is important to them. Doing this will make you a dull student. For a better understanding read line by line. You can also read with your mind and your finger pointing at the word.

4. Write or make note of your own on every paragraphs

Note taking is very important while studying especially when they are in your own words. You will understand better when you define of describe things with your own words. Rephrasing of paragraphs in your own words will make your understand better and it will boast your intelligence level in understanding.

5. Break whatever you are studying into small point

Another thing you must learn to do is how to break complex materials into small bits and study them for easy understanding. For example, if you are finding it difficult to assimilate a topic of about six page , you can divide them into three and study them paragraphs by paragraph separately. It will be faster for you to understand.

6. You can study with group and share you knowledge with each other

Many student tend to to understand more when they study in a group. Sharing of knowledge is another way to understand better, especially sharing it among a reading group. Reading in a group has lot of benefits. For teaching teaching each other, explaining when your friend don’t understand and lot more.

7. Ask question when you are confused

Any time you don’t understand what you are reading don’t be ashamed to ask for assistance from your fellow student. Asking of question is one of the characteristics of an intelligent student. No one knowns it all. And also study with reference materials

8. Study at least two to three times in a day

The more you study the more you understand. Study at least two to three times in a day at one particular place at a particular time for at least 30 days.


This will help boast your intelligence to understand better.

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