KISMET; In memory of my late self

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KISMET; In memory of my late self

I beheld my beloved entity in my thought
The daring sight is never a pleasure to behold;it really hurts
No familiar or unknown force acts to save me from bleeding through this cuts
No one comes to part that wrongs off me;they believe I am it’s depot

I saw myself as a king clothed in jewelries and rings
But sitting on my throne with my head bowed begging for something
I have danced with this worry for so long whole waiting for my season
I have now decided to squeeze it like a filthy rag and dump it into the bin

What could have made the gallant me look as feeble as this?
I am just like a lion begging for dinner from goats in peace
I have lost my pride,glory and throne all for a kiss
Betrayal is come; But my strength betrays betrayal also with a kiss and hiss

I have eaten ills and betrayal like a glutton
But each spoonful enlightens me and builds my emotions
I have sought for shoulders to cry upon
I saw non but still decided to carry on

At times I wish I could become a kid again
So I can have no worries and pain
This desire seems the best way to crash my worries soaring in this ugly air plane
But this idea is bred and cultured when one has no aim

It may not be easy for me to purchase the change I desire
But no matter the cost, my determination soars higher
Because I know easy does not change anything, rather it takes one lower
So I choose the hard thorny way and persist even when it gets harder

The old me and my worries have sublimed into the atmosphere
Thanks to everyone/everything I really took special and trusted
You all betrayed me; You are wolves in shepherd clothing and hair
I trust none; I am close to none; My best friend is my loneliness.

I am the new me….

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