Knowing These 6 Driving Tips Can Save You From Bad Weather Accidents

Knowing These 6 Driving Tips Can Save You From Bad Weather Accidents

A car is not only a convenient mode of transportation, but it also carries a significant amount of obligation for the driver, especially in inclement weather. According to studies conducted by American scientists, weather-related factors are responsible for approximately 22% of all road incidents per year. As a result, every driver must possess skills and knowledge that will allow them to safely operate the vehicle in adverse weather conditions.

When the weather outside is bad, Entertainment_update tries to help us learn how to drive.

1. In the fog

If you’re driving in a fog, you can keep your side windows down so you can hear what’s going on outside properly. Aside from that, use your low beams rather than your high beams. When driving with high beams, the light will bounce in the tiniest particles of fog, potentially confusing you.

2. On a slick or slippery surface

When traveling on a slick lane, pay close attention when crossing bridges. The sand-salt substance usually comes off easily from them, which makes them a greater form of risk for vehicles.

3. When it’s raining

A major British insurance organization advises against using rear fog lights since they can obscure the vehicle’s brake lights, confusing drivers behind you. When approaching a large puddle, it’s also a good idea to pull over in front of it and weigh it to make sure you can cross it.

It’s fine, whenever there’s a line of cars following you; by calculating the puddle, you’ll be assisting other drivers as well.

4. At night, when it’s raining

If you’re driving at night in heavy rain, please remember the raindrops on the windshield refract light, potentially blinding you. In comparison, when heavy rain flows are lit, they produce a reflecting screen. As a result, it is preferable to adjust the headlights so that their beams do not travel upward.

5. Snowdrift

If you find yourself in a snowdrift on the roadside in the winter, don’t turn the wheel in the reverse direction. It’s crucial to maintain the steering wheel turned in the constant direction and continuously pound the gas pedal to get back on the track.

6. In the midst of a dust storm

Among several other suggestions, experts from a large manufacturing organization suggest leaving the lane, parking the vehicle on the curb, and turning off the headlights in order to safely get to the destination point during a dust storm. Or else, other vehicles could mistake your car’s lights for moving traffic and collide with it.

Have you ever been forced to drive in inclement weather? Are there any other tricks that you’re aware of? Please tell us.

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