Latest MTN Cheat Code For Free Data And Voice Call April, 2020

latest mtn cheat, will talk about in the broad categories, lates MTN cheat 2020 for data and MTN cheat code for free callslatest mtn cheat, will talk about in the broad categories, lates MTN cheat 2020 for data and MTN cheat code for free calls. I will first show you the latest MTN free browsing cheat then move to the call aspect.

Unlike most of our previous Airtel free browsing cheats, this MTN data cheat does not need VPN app. The procedure to get this latest free browsing cheat is easy and does not supports technical school.

Before you start the process, it would be good if you check out Airte free data code. You might also want to know about Mtn betalk talk and MTN yafun yafun call rate.

MTN Cheat For Free Data 120GB

MTN cheat for data is not a new thing but this for 120GB, i bet you have not seen a thing like this. Trust me you will enjoy this Latest MTN cheat for free data and later for free voice call.

Just like i have said before now, this MTN free data cheat does not require the use of VPN. Unlike most of the previous Airtel free browsing cheats all you need here is to just dial a USSD code.

Okay let’s just cut to chase and activate our first 120GB free internet data code. To activate your first free internet data, follow my guide below and you’ll be done swiftly………….

  1. Head over to your phones dialer
  2. Open and dial *131751#
  3. A pop up message will be displayed to you
  4. You asking you to subscribe to 50GB of data for N20,000
  5. Select and reply with 1 to accept the data offer
  6. Then hit the send button
  7. You will now be required to enter your MSISDN
  8. Now input your MTN mobile number and send it
  9. Shortly after sending, you will recive and error message saying your subscription was not successful
  10. Don’t worry just *1314# to check your MTN balance
  11. Then you will see your 120gb fully activated and ready to be used

I guess that was easy and sweet right? yes it was, enjoy the latest MTN cheat for data while it lasts. If this trick does not work for you then i have another which is presently working for all MTN users including you.

Just try the next MTN Free data code out, am sure it will work just fine.

MTN free Call Cheat code

This is not like the regular MTN cheat you have been seeing from other sites. You can manipulate MTN beta talk bonus to your advantage, all you have to do, is recharge a large some of amount.

Since beta talk gives you bonus and allows you to use you bonus before using your main credit that is how we will cheat them. Before we get started with this cheat, get an MTN sim card new or old and migrate to MTN beta talk.

How to recharge for the cheat

To migrate, simply dial 1232*1# or SMS the word BT to 131 to migrate. Now, recharge the MTN line between the range of 1,000 Naira to 5,000 Naira.

What if you recharged N5,000? Do the maths! You get N12,000 airtime bonus. After your recharge and you have gotten your bonus, you can now call as you like, make sure you finish the bonus before moving to the next step (very important)

Now after you have recharged you can now start making calls and make sure you finish the bonus. After finishing the bonus, you will need to migrate from beta talk to MTN Pulse.

The new MTN free browsing cheat 2020 is not totally a free MTN data cheat but is very cheap. This new MTN free browsing cheat allows eligible MTN subscribers to subscribe to 1GB data a cheaper rate.

I guess that must be a bit reveling to hear you can get 1GB data for just #200. I have been using this cheat for while now and it is still working 100% and you too can start using it today.

This process involves accumulating MTN #50, #50 internet data 4 times to make 1GB. If you want to activate this this mtn free browsing cheat for 1GB then follow my steps below…………….

  1. Open your phone
  2. Dial *131*25#
  3. Now #50 will be deducted from you airtime
  4. Shortly you will be credited with 250MB
  5. Dial the code 3 more times to receive more data
  6. Now you can ejoy your 1GB valid for 7 days

This MTN free data code is still working now, so try all you can to enjoy it too. The process is simple just dial the code 4 times and get you 1GB that is all, if this does not work then i will say you should try the next one.

MTN Data Cheat 2020

This mtn data cheat 2020 is not like others, this cheat requires you to download a VPN App. The VPN is not what gives you the free access to the internet.

The VPN covers your tracts helping you to browse anonymous to avoid detection by the ISP. Do not be troubled yet, it is not a big deal i will walk you through all the configuration process now.

Before i get into the configuration process, please remember that you will need to download a VPN App.

  • Go to google play store
  • Search and download 24 Clan VPN pro
  • Now install and wait for the installation to complete
  • Open the app
  • After installation tap the app to connect
  • If it does not connect we will have to do more configuration
  • Click the settings icon “choose server” or “none”,
  • then select any tweak servers

MTN Data Cheat Codes 2020

MTN data cheat codes 2020 is not an internet trick in itself. This is rather a compilation of MTN cheat codes for free browsing, voice calls and other important USSD codes.

Please remember that this is not a tutorial but compilation of short codes. This codes will help you complete most of your daily MTN tasks and operations.

You can call it MTN short code library or library for USSD codes. So lets get started if you ever want to perform any task and you forget the code, the table below will help you out.

Here are steps to activate latest MTN free browsing cheat

  • N50 gives 250MB/3days. Dial *131*25#
  • N100 gives 250MB/3days. Dial *131*65*1#
  • N200 gives 1gb/7days. Dial *131*65*2#
  • N1000 gives 4gb/30days. Dial *131*65*3#
  • N0.00 gives 120GB/30days. Dial *131751#
  • N1000 gives unlimited voice call Dial *123*2*1#

As at the time of writing this article, all this free call and data cheat code are working 100%. You try any of the codes that suits your budget and purpose, make sure you enjoy this browsing cheats codes now that it is still working.

Cheat Code For MTN Data Bundle

This is not absolutely a cheat code for MTN data bundle, but tip on how to manipulate the MTN data plan system to your own advantage like i am doing now. Trust me this trick is cool but it is not free so, MTN will charge you some fees though.

This is about MTN 2GB for #500 biweekly subscription. This method am about to show you only works on NEW Mtn sim cards that are less than 3 months old.

I will advise you to go get a new MTN sim card and register it if you want to enjoy this too. So if you don’t a new sim card go get it now before you continue.

If you already have a new MTN sim card then let’s continue with activating the Latest mtn cheat.

To start, please follow the guide below

  • Get a new MTN sim card
  • Register and activate the sim
  • Now reacharge #500 naira airtime
  • After recharging the card
  • Dial *131*1*1# and send
  • You will be presented with a new window to select a biweekly pla you want
  • Reply with 5 which is the 2GB for #500 plan valid for 7 days
  • After that you be ask tio confirm if you want to auto renew or not
  • Chose anyone whether renew or not and send
  • You will then recive a 2GB data balance with another 4GB data as your MTN Yafun Yafun bonus

Not e the MTN yafun yafun bonus will be valid for 7 days instead of the 2 days of which you will use the 2GB. After the 2 days validity, you will not be able to use the remaining 4GB balance.

Now this is where the trick comes in, just recharge another #300 airtime and subscribe to any weekly MTN data plan then your 4GB will be rolled over. That is all hope you would enjoy it.

That is all about MTN latest cheat codes for free call and data. If you still find anything hard to understand then please use the comment box to let use know. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends via social media too. Thanks!!!



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