Leaving a Laptop Plugged in Overnight is Harmful?

Batteries of nowadays laptops are either made of LiPo (Lithium Polymer) or Li-ion (Lithium-Ion). Both batteries are designed in an exquisite way to prevent overcharging. And if you are wondering about is harmful to keep your laptop plugged in overnight, then you have landed on the right page.

Quite a few batteries don’t suffer massively whether you use the original AC Adapter or any regular charger. In most cases, interestingly, if you recharge your laptop to 100% and leave it plugged in throughout the night, the charger by design won’t get any further power to charge the battery.

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What Makes Batteries Blast?

One of the most common things in Lithium batteries is that they aren’t stable. From the day start, these batteries start losing their capacity. However, there are quite a few aspects that can accelerate the level of damage such as:

Voltage Level

The higher voltage it uses to charge the battery, the shorter the battery life. The battery charging voltage level is measured in volts per cell.

The Cycle of Charge & Discharge

It can be recharged and discharged with plentiful cycles. In general, most batteries are loaded with around 500 charge and discharge cycles.

High Temperature

Whenever a temperature level rises above 30 degrees Celsius, chances are it would cause extreme damage to the battery that can never be repaired.

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What Happens If Leaving Laptop Plugged-in?

So many different companies after studies have confirmed that if a laptop is plugged in overnight, the Laptop Battery after getting charged 100% will start bypassing the power automatically. Instead of power being transferred first to the battery, any additional power that comes from an outside source is directly used to power the laptop.

In addition, you may have found that there is extra and unnecessary heat coming out when your laptop is on charging and plugged in for too long. This heat is because of the continuous charge. It’s important to remember that if heat is generated for an extended period of time. It’s most likely to damage the battery significantly or maybe permanently.

Aside from that, an online source also confirmed that if the temperature of your laptop increases in a short span of time. And still, you keep it constantly attached, this will definitely affect your battery’s lifespan meaningfully. Well, if your laptop becomes overheat in a jiffy after it’s completely charged, it’s not recommended to leave it plugged in any further.

If instead your laptop overheats, remove the battery and let it cool down for some time. The interesting news is that the battery and charger can easily be removed from the laptop and you can use it with ease. However, it depends on input power rather than on battery power.

How to Take Care of a Battery?

To ensure that the battery configuration is done in an awesome way. You must charge the maximum capacity of your laptop battery. Afterward, the laptop needs to be sat down and cool off the charging process for a minimum of 2 hours.

Moreover, it’s important to be sure that the charge is unplugged. And that power-saving setting are set when the battery charge level is 5%. Leave it uninterrupted for 5 hours until your laptop starts to sleep. Last but not the least, attach a charger and allow full capacity charging on your laptop. Remember that your laptop doesn’t get interrupted when it charges.

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