LEGOLAND Florida Is Perfect For Mini Thrills

We’re already fans of Legoland Windsor, so we found out what to expect at Orlando’s newest theme park, Legoland, Florida. But it exceeded our wildest expectations and I have to admit it was a great day. Designed for children aged 2 to 12, it offers more than 50 games and attractions. This allowed the almost eight-year-old Maxi to ride alone with me on all the rides and most of the rides.

We had a VIP tour at Legoland. So I skipped every line and lived this world. Regular tickets start at $64 for adults and $54 for children (3-12 years). As part of the VIP package I was able to skip all the lines and access the Master Model Builder workshop. Oh, take a Lego collection home!

However, the park wasn’t that crowded on the day we visited. At certain times of the year the park was closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and reopened on the Tuesdays we visited so it was quieter than usual.

The park is in an area very similar to an English park. We recommend starting with Lego City, where the most popular driving schools, junior driving schools, boat schools and flight school attractions (similar to UK driving schools) are located. Remember to drive on the right side of the road!

Maxi’s favorite ride at the park was the Lego Technic roller coaster in the park’s technology area. With three of the most thrilling rides in the park (although there is an occasional flying school), it’s the perfect destination for those looking for a little excitement.

Tips and tricks to get the most out of Legoland Florida

Please come early at 9am when the park opens. The ride opens at 9:30 am

The park is 45 minutes from downtown Tampa and other Orlando parks.

You can trade your LEGO minifigure with model citizens (LEGO workers). The name tag is yours. Also, keep an eye out for Minifigure Ambassadors whose shirts are covered in Minifigures.

First go to the park with LEGO City or Technique.

Receive a badge from a model citizen (LEGO staff) at The Beginning Guest Services on your birthday

If you want to go to the show, try to arrive 30 minutes before the start.

Orlando is much warmer and sunnier than the UK so bring plenty of sunscreen and a hat. I even bought maxi sunglasses and suspenders at Legoland.

The park is also packed with activities for both kids and adults who prefer a leisurely pace, like Safari Trek and Duplo Land.

Please download a map of the park before your visit. All growth limits are shown so you can set your expectations before your visit.

There are countless restaurants and you should try the Granny Smith Apple Fry, all kid-friendly but typical park fare.

The restaurant is air conditioned as it gets very hot during the day so try to dine in the restaurant if possible.

Legoland Florida Waterpark will reopen in March and tickets can be upgraded to $12 per ticket. This is a great place to cool off.

The park closes at 5:30 am daily, earlier than other parks.

Big Shop is the largest Lego store in the world

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