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Love gone bad, cutting into my heart,
My world falling apart,
Slowly turning dark.
The nightmare creeping up my spine,painfully seeping in.
Wounds beneath my skin begin to reopen and sting
I fall into my own blood.
Overwhelmed from sadness and grief.
With emptiness and a broken heart. I sit and I bleed
Taking in the joy of your eyes at my sight
Seeing your smile and watching it as it glows in the night
Waking everyday wanting to see you
Wanting to hold you and never let go
Hoping that when I open my eyes you’re all that it is shown
Thinking that when our eyes take in each others sight
That you would want me as much I want you
Telling myself that when I’m gone you would think of me too
But my love, you have left me to burn
I gave you my heart and you burnt it to coal
Being turned into ashes ready to be blown
By the wind of your walk that left be to be torn
Now all I have left are memories of you leaving me to bleed.
I still bleed hoping you would let our eyes meet again.



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