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Love is not only in the words we say,

it’s in the things we do.
It’s not just in the morning smile that beautifies our
it’s in the heart that’s willing to give.

Love is not in the fancy things of life we cherish,
it’s in the little things that don’t matter.
It’s not in the kind gesture for a later reward,
it’s in the sacrifice we lay down for another.

Love is not in the pleasure of a kiss,
it’s in the tolerance of character even when the lips
become bitter.
It’s not in the beauty of a rose,
it’s in the perseverance to endure and stay after the
rose dies.

Love is not in the resurrection of old pain back to life,
it’s in the forgiveness of little wrongs and dead scars.
It’s not in the mockful judgement of another,
it’s in the heart that corrects without condemning.

Love is not in a night of wine and sex,
it’s in the memories shared afterwards.
It’s not in the desire for immediate gratification,
it’s in the hope for a lifetime together.

Yes, love is not in everything we preach,
but it’s in everything that makes life beautiful.




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