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Manga  is the comic book genre from Japan that has a growing presence in the rest of the world. In Primary World   all the  anime and manga drawings  to color are available  that you need to entertain your children. Print them  and immerse yourself in truly captivating stories with them. Download  free anime  coloring  pages for kids at DDC123

Anime and manga coloring pages

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They have a fairly defined aesthetic, within the wide variety of genres and audiences they target. One of the main features is the large, detailed eyes that his characters frequently feature. Anime designs  have great charm, originality and diversity. For this reason, we put at your disposal  manga coloring pages  , perfect for children to paint their favorite characters in this genre and redesign others with their own personal touch. Download and print  as many as you want. Drawing and being creative go hand in hand!

Anime drawings to paint and enjoy their characters

The little ones in the house will enjoy the experience in a positive way and develop an  extra creativity  , which could only be stimulated by these OVA (  Original Video Animation  ), which have a   really good artistic quality  .

OVA is   an art resource that refers to anime-based films. They also serve to simplify many chapters of a series in less time and to let fans know about all the events that happened before or after the series.

Manga coloring pages in your style

A great attraction of this type of art is that the  music  is not  left out, and therefore each story has its own opening (the musical theme that you hear at the beginning of each chapter) and an end (the theme that you listen to at the end). . This is a masterful mix, which perfectly complements the genre.

Download the drawings  of  anime and manga  to color the diversity of the worlds they offer you, do not limit creativity  ,  let it fly freely. How about making your own story? It would be fascinating  to imagine  everything that could happen in that place created by you, change everything and that nothing is as it seems. Here lies the charm of this art.

They live in a constant incredible artistic feedback, the original projects are continuously passed from the manga to the anime and vice versa. And it is precisely this constant relationship that often confuses the less informed on the subject.

Japanese culture

These are the two art forms that have globalized Japan as a super entertainment industry. Just take a look at one of the two artistic representations, to automatically evoke Japanese culture. Sometimes these words are often confusing, but it’s really easy:  manga is comics and anime is equivalent to cartoons.

These  print and audiovisual media  attract many people due to their thematic diversity, as they do not have a uniform or unique scheme for telling events or telling stories. Nor do they focus on a particular audience by age or gender, each series is a totally individual world and disconnected from what the works of other creators in between may be.

It is not an exclusive art for children or adults, each story creates its own world without following any rules, and it is the consumers who have to choose what they want to see or read. The stories are true  works of art,  with very captivating plots for their unexpected twists, which take place in fascinating alternate worlds.

So fill yourself with all the fantasy that this world offers you and start creating your artistic works with the anime and manga drawings that you can download from this site.

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