Many users report issues with charging the MacBook Pro

It is very common to have issues with gadgets from time to time. In many of these cases, the company will have to access the issue and release a fix. According to reports, the Apple MacBook Pro is currently facing some charging issues. As early as New Year Day (2021), there were reports that the MacBook Pro is failing to charge. At the time, we considered the reports to be isolated cases.

Macbook pro

However, after two weeks, more reports are pouring in. According to reports, when users plug the MacBook Pro, it displays 1% as well as the maintenance prompt. It appears that this issue is more prevalent in the 2017 MacBook Pro products.

According to “Consumer Report”, because many consumers’ computers have exceeded their warranty period, they can only replace their batteries with new ones at their own expense, but the failure reappears after replacing the batteries.

Some users believe that this problem is caused by upgrading to the 11.1 version of the macOS Big Sur system. However, some users say that their computer has not been updated to the latest macOS Big Sur system version, and it also fails to charge. 

According to official reports from Apple customer service, this problem has some links to the system update. The company also said that its engineering department is currently working on a fix. Thus, if you are having this issue, you may have to wait a while for the fix to arrive. Unfortunately, the company did not give a timeline for the arrival of this fix

Apple blocks the installation of iPhone apps on the new MacBook computers

According to the source, Apple has blocked the installation on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops, as well as on Mac Mini based on The new M1 chip, applications created for the iPhone. But we are talking about apps downloaded from the iPhone as a file with the IPA extension using the iMazing program. They could be installed on a Mac just like APK files on an Android smartphone.

Files with the IPA extension are, in fact, a workaround for installing “smartphone” apps on a computer. However, only a workaround, but the apps are completely official. They must be purchased (if it’s paid) and installed only on devices with one account. That is, if a user wanted to use the same applications on his phone and computer, then he recently had such an opportunity. But now it’s gone.

When trying to install the IPA file now, the computer gives an error and offers to “try later”. So the only way to install applications on Mac computers based on the M1 SoC is the Mac App Store. But the problem is that not all applications from this store can be installed on Mac – many still do not have permission to run on MacOS. Actually, this is the limiting factor. What does the warning about installing IPA on macOS 11.2 say – “the application cannot be installed because the developer did not intend for it to run on this platform”.



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