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Who doesn’t know the mustachioed Italian adventurer who travels through various worlds to save his princess? Mario Bros coloring pages will allow you to spend a pleasant afternoon full of colors and fun with the children (and not so much) of the house. Download free Super Mario da colorare e stampare for kids at DDC123

Mario Bros Coloring Pages

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You just have to sit down with them to choose the ones they like best, download them, print them and let their imagination and creativity do the rest. You can create stories of how Mario, aided by his friends Toad, Yoshi and Luigi, not only saves his princess, but also defends the world from Bowser, the supervillain of this video game.

Characters you can paint from Mario Bros

Don’t you know the Mario characters? Or, on the contrary, do you want to teach your little ones all the protagonists of your favorite video game? Here, we bring you some of the most iconic, of which of course there are designs on our portal, which are  ready for download and printing  :


mario bros


He is the protagonist, wearing a cowboy suit, a red long-sleeved shirt, a red cap with an M in the center, brown shoes and white gloves on his hands. He has thick eyebrows and mustaches, both dark brown, a large nose and blue eyes.


Luigi coloring pages


Luigi is Mario’s brother. His clothing and appearance are very similar, with the difference that he is thin and both the shirt and the cap are green.


Peach Princess


The Princess in Peril and Mario’s Girlfriend. She is blonde with blue eyes and wears a pink dress. You can find her photos in a tower, where she is always held captive.




The supervillain in this cartoon. Its appearance is terrifying. It looks like a prehistoric turtle with spikes on the shell and tail, it has a horn on each side of the muzzle. Its crest and eyebrows are red to resemble fire.




He is one of the youngest characters in Mario Bros: his appearance is that of a sweet and cheerful child, with a white mushroom hat with red dots.


Yoshi to color


It is a cute dinosaur that appears in Mario Bros. It is green, with a beige belly and has a small red shell on its back. It is characterized by wearing boots as the only outfit.

3 values ​​you can share by coloring Mario Bros drawings

  1. Dreams are what moves us in life, with perseverance  everything comes true  .
  2. Everything we imagine we can achieve: Mario always fights to save his princess, this is his goal and in the end he always reaches it,  regardless of the obstacles  he  encounters  along the way.
  3. We must not be afraid of anything  : Mario demonstrates this with every world that passes, even the dark ones or those enveloped in flames, he always manages to come out victorious, keeping in mind his goal.

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