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Meant To Be – Episode 17



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************ Richard ‘s lab result came out the next day, he was perfect but still has bruises on his forehead,….but to his greatest surprise the doctor refused discharging him,……. He was to be scanned,…. He called Desmond and told him what the doctor said,….. Desmond assured him he would be discharged the next day.. …..


Mrs Johnson took Richard’s phone to another phone technician who after alot of stress was able to open the phone,…….
She heaved a sigh of relief,….

“Now, i must search for Vanessa’s number,…. “
she smiled to herself for a job well done,.. ..

Immediately she got to her office,…she put her plans into action,… She dialed Vanessa’s number and she picked at the first ring,….

” Nessa my daughter “
she called her
. Vanessa couldn’t recognize the voice,…..

” Hello,.”
came her faint voice
“It’s your mother,….”

Vanessa then realized it was her step mother

“Who gave you my number?,,,,, After so many months of taking away your slave you finally called,…. “
Vanessa shouted at her
She heard her step mother sobbing,… She was shocked at her sudden change in Character

” Pls forgive me my daughter,… I’m now a born again,.. I’ve repented, infact,i want to begin a new life with my family,… I want to reunite my family so that i can have peace of mind,…. I know i’ve been a bad mother to you and your brother,…. I want correct all my mistakes,…. I dont mind leaving whatever i’ m doing here to come and you meet in Ghana, so that i can take care of my loving husband,….. I cant bear to see my husband suffer like this after all he did for me”she said soberly



“This is unbelievable,…. You shouldn’t be apologizing to me,… You should apologize to your late best friend,…. Do you know the gravity of what you did to my family,…. You almost turned my daddy into an imbecile,.. How can you be so wicked,….. You think i dont know your secrets,.. You exchanged my daddy’s brain for power, wealth and fame,…. You think i wont find out,…i shouldn’t be talking to you”

“Pls my daughter, i’ve retraced my steps,… I don’t want those things again,.. All i need is my family,… Just tell me where you are in Ghana, and i’ll abandon everything to be with you and my husband,…. ”

” Hmmmm,…… So what about my grandmother?, why did you and daddy fake her death? “she threw at her
She wasn’t expecting that question from Vanessa,…..

” huh?,….. Your grandmother?,…. Faked her death?,… How? ”

” Seems you’ve not truly repented,…. Pls dont call me again, have a nice day……. ”

” Ok, i’ll tell you what happened, i was only following my husband’s instructions,…. I had to obey him,… He brought up the idea because your grandmother didnt approve of our marriage,…. He wanted a happy home,… So we went to another city to start a new life,…. ”

” I cant believe this”

Mrs Johnson started crying uncontrollably over the phone,….. Vanessa pitied her

“Mummy stop crying,…. It’s ok,… All i want is a happy family too,… I’ll give you the address right away,… Does Richard know about this? ”

” You know your brother, he doesnt want to see me again,…. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with me again,….. Pls dont tell him that i called you because he doesnt want me coming close to his daddy,…if only you can help talk to him but that will be when i’m already in Ghana,… Let this be a secret between us”

” There’s no problem, just get a pen and paper and write down the address”

“I’m ready, “she told Vanessa

” Ok,… Emmmmmm,………. “
She heard her house help scream

” pls i’ve got to go,…. I think there’s an emergency “she cut the phone without waiting for her response

She rushed outside only to see one of her twin drowning in the swimming pool,.. She dived into the water forgetting she was holding her phone,…. She brought the little boy out of the pool , thank God he was still breathing,. Her father rushed out too, and was shocked to see to see Vanessa rushing to her car carrying her twin, he followed her and they drove to the hospital,……..


Richard was tired of staying in the hospital, all he wanted was seeing his girlfriend,… He called aunty Beatrice number but it was switched off,…. He sighed and turned to the other side of the bed to sleep, he still had bandage on his forehead,.. His head was beginning to ache again,….. He was about dozing off when the door to his room opened,…. . Tope walked in and hugged him

“Oh my God Richie,.. You didnt tell me you were involved in an accident,… Just take a look at yourself,…. I’m sorry sweetie,…. How did it happen? “
she asked him
Richard was not just angry, he was also irritated, he just faked a smile

” How did you know i was here,… “
he managed to ask her

” I went to your house and your security guard told me,…. ”

” That stupid security guard,” he murmured to himself

“I was on my way to see Angela when it happened ”

She gave him a shocking look,… ” Angela?!!!!!, is she back?,,,,, when,????!”

“Yeah, she’s back for good,… ”

” Cant you see that nature doesn’t approve of your love for her,…. Just look at what you’re passing through all in the name of seeing Angela,…. ”

Richard wanted to get up and slap her before throwing her out of the room

” Are you joking”
he asked her

“Oh please,…… “
she said waving her hand

” So when do you plan visiting her, “
he asked her

” Right away, before you call me a bad friend,….. Take care of yourself,… I’ll be here when i return from Angela’s village,…. Just tell me what i will get for you,…. ”

” Tell Angela that i miss her so much, and that no one can take her place in my heart not even you her best friend “he told her
She looked at him and frowned

” So you expect me to tell her that,…. Have a nice day”
she left banging the door


Angela was at home chatting with her mother,

“Have you heard from Tope?, “
she asked her mother

” No my daughter,…. She hasn’t visited, i ‘m shocked at her attitude,… She’s your best friend,.. ….. I didn’t inform her of your dispppearance though,….. “..

” She told me she was travelling to Abuja before that incident .. Maybe she travelled
They heard a knock and was surprised to see Tope,….

“Angela aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”Tope screamed

They hugged each other tightly

“Tope, where have you been,… You’re looking good”

“thanks dear,…. You’ve added so much weight…. I’ve been away for sometime and i returned three days ago only for Richard to tell me what happened,…i cried my eyes out…… . I met him in a friend’s birthday party today and he told me you’re back,….. “she lied to her

” Who’s Richard? ”

” Your boyfriend na”

“Boyfriend,?…… I don’t t have a boyfriend ”
Tope was shocked,…. Angela excused herself, she saw the baby bump

” what, Angela?, pregnant? ”

Angela’s mother explained to Tope her friend’s condition,…

She smiled inwardly…..

” I’ll use this opportunity to my advantage,….. So Angela is pregnant with Richard ‘s baby and she doesn’t remember him after her accident, this is interesting,…… “
she thought to herself


Mrs Johnson cursed the emergency that made Vanessa cut the call abruptly,…

” Why cant i ever be successful with my plans, what is going on,…. I almost got that stupid Vanessa,…. I know she’s soft heartened like her useless mother,… I’ll focus my attention on her, she’s an easy target,…… “
she muttered to herself

 Angela returned to the sitting room smiling at her friend who also faked a smile at her,…. Her mother excused herself and went to the kitchen,…..

She sat down very close to her friend and looked deeply into her eyes

“Tope,… I know you wont hide anything from,.. I feel there’s an important part of my life that i cant remember,…How can i be pregnant and i dont know who impregnated me,…. That’s strange to me,…. Except maybe i was raped when i was kidnapped,…..”
she said touching her stomache
Tope was amazed at her thoughts

“Hmmmm, i’m surprised too, i’m in short of words.. But i dont think there’s anything you’re forgetting,… I think you were raped,…. “
Tope replied

” Desmond and Nancy visited me yesterday,…
They were acting like old friends but i couldn’t recall them being my friends,…. I could see the disappointment on their faces,… “
she lamented

” Dont mind those people,… They only came to sympathize with you,… Maybe they heard of your kidnap and return, they came to welcome you,… Don’t allow such things to stress you,.. ”

” Are you sure you’re telling me the truth? ”

” eemmm,… Of course, why should i lie to my best friend ”

They chatted alot, Tope told her how she broke up with her boyfriend and how she has moved on with life …… She left later in the evening,……

Eric heard all Tope and his sister discussed, he wondered why Tope lied to his sister,…. He sat down thinking about his sister and Richard,…. He knew Richard had been the one helping them through aunty Beatrice but they kept it a secret between them,… . He felt sorry for Richard,….. But he couldn’t understand why he hasn’t visited,…..

“This Tope of a girl is upto something,… Why didn’t she tell Angela that she has a man in her life,…. And that man is responsible for her pregnancy,…. Why did she deny knowing uncle Desmond and aunty Nancy,….. I need to reach uncle Richard and tell him the condition of sister Angela”he thought to himself


Desmond and Nancy just left the hospital and was on their way home,.. Nancy wasn’t happy with her fiance,….

“sweetie, why are you squeezing your face?,…. ”

She ignored him giving him a straight face

” Sweetie talk to me,… Ever since we left the hospital you ‘ve nt spoken to me,…. ”

” I don’t know why you dont want to open up to your friend and tell him the situation on ground, you keep on giving him false hope,… I saw the way he’ s longing to meet his girlfriend,…. You also haven’t told him about his phone,…. I think he needs to know,…. ”

” I have my reasons for not telling him yet,.. I want him to meet his girlfriend and see things for himself,…. Talking about the phone,… You know he’s emotionally traumatized right now,….. I’ll handle that by myself ok? ”

” I just pray you’re doing the right thing,…. Angela has suffered a lot,… She’s pregnant and doesn’t know the father of her baby,… This is heartbreaking,…. I dont know how Richard will take this news,.. ”

Desmond assured her that everything will be ok.


Tope walked into Richard’s room smiling,…… Richard was happy to see her,… At least she’ll give him information about his girlfriend,….

“So how’s Angela? “
he asked her

” Angela is doing good without you in her life,…… As a matter of fact there’s no need asking of her, she has moved on with her life,….. You need to move on too,….. “..

He was startled at her response

” I dont understand what you’re talking about,…. Anyway i’ll be in her village tomorrow to see her,.. I’ll be discharged in the morning,…. “
he said with a shaking voice
Tope glared at him and sighed

” Stop being a fool, you love the wrong person,….. Angela has moved on,…. She’s pregnant with another man’s baby,…. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with you again,…. As i’m talking to you, she doesn’t know you exist,……. ”

Richard stood still, he kept gazing at Tope,….. He quietly climbed down from his bed,… He walked to the door and opened it,…..

” You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing,…. You’re the worst thing that have ever happened to Angela,.. Now get out of this room and dont return again! “
he barked at her..

“So, you think i’m lying, you better call your friend and ask him,…. He knows the truth but is hiding it from you,…. Tomorrow you’ll see things for yourself,…. ”

Richard pushed her out of his room………. He la!d down on the bed, and all that Tope told him flashed at him,….. He dialed Desmond’s number but it was switched off,…. He called aunty Beatrice and she picked,……

” Good evening aunty,….. I called you earlier in the day but your number wasn’t going through,…. ”

” My son,… I had a flat battery, my phone will go off anytime from now,…. How’re you?,,,,, you haven’t come to visit Angela,… Are you still scared of her mother?,… ”

” No ma, i was involved in an accident,. But i’ll come tomorrow,… ”

” Ewooooooo, my son, i’m sorry,….. Hope it’s not serious?She asked with a concerned voice
He was already getting impatient, he needs to ask her about Angela before her phone goes off
“Aunty, Is Angela pregnant with another man’s baby? “
he asked softly
There was silence,….. He glanced at his phone,the call has disconnected,….

He tried the number again but it was switched off, he couldn’t sleep at night,…. He tossed on the bed,…. He remembered the happy times he had spent with Angela,…

“she loved me so much,…..she worshipped the ground i walked on,…how can she be pregnant with another man’s baby,…. Impossible!!!!!!!, it cant happen,!!! I deserve an explanation from her,…… But the driver confirmed she was kidnapped,…. Was she raped by those goons? “
he thought deeply


Mrs Johnson’s ringing tone woke her up,….
She was weak to pick the call,.. She checked the caller Id and it was her secretary,… She checked the time, it was already 10am,she slept late last because she was busy at mother Supreme Supreme ‘s house,…… she lazily picked the call

“Madam, pls we need your presence at the office right now,…. “
came the voice of her secretary on the phone

” What is it?,…. Cant you handle the situation?,,, “
she asked getting angry

” Madam, the account manager has vanished with the company ‘s money? ”
She sat up on the bed

” What?,,,, who told you about this,…..? “she asked getting up from the bed and rushing to the bathroom

” Remember he’ s on leave,…. As i’m talking to you,him and his family have moved to United States,…. “”

Mrs Johnson nearly had a heart attack but she held herself,..

She took a deep breath and then continued,….

“How much are we talking about now? “
she asked with a trembling voice

” Five hundred million naira!!!!! ”

” What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,…….. my heart,….. Someone pls help me,….. She slipped from the bath tub and hit her head on the tiled floor,…. She lost consciousness,……


Richard was discharged the next morning,….

He wasn’t happy with Desmond, he didn’t bother calling him up, he went home in a taxi,…… Desmond arrived minutes after he left and was informed that his friend had gone home,….. He was surprised because he was supposed to wait for him to pick him up,…

He drove to his friend’s house,….Richard was already dressed to leave the house when he rushed into the sitting room..

“Guy what happened, you couldn’t wait for me,…. “
he asked cheerfully
Richard opened the entrance door and they walked to the garage,…

” i need to see Angela and confirm somethings “
was all he managed to say,…

” No problem, but i’ll drive you,..You’re still not fit to drive,.. ”

He looked at Desmond and waved at him to open the door to his car
Desmond drove him to Ogwa shi ukwu,….. Their drive was quiet,…. Desmond was suspicious of his friend,… He avoided him asking him questions he wont be able to answer,..


The two old women were in Angela’s house to bade them goodbye,.Angela was all tears,….. She wanted to go away from the village….. She is so ashamed of herself…the past two days was hell for her….. .the old women promised to visit her when she puts to bed… . She ran inside the room,….. They understood all she said,…. They felt pity for her,…..

Her mother begged them to spend two more days with them to enable them decide her fate which they agreed……

They started planning on how to make her calm down,…

Mama was really troubled about her,….

She would be travelling outside the country for her medical check up,…..She thought about begging her friend to Harbour Angela till she puts to bed,…. She would be back by then….. .

They were still contemplating on what to do when Richard and Desmond walked into the sitting room…


To Be Continued…


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